Cultivating Old Tractor Radiator Into Coffee Table

imageI was out yard saleing one beautiful sunny day, when I stumbled across an old farm with a YARD SALE sign out in front!!!!! I could hardly believe my eyes as I wiped a mixture of tears of joy and dust from them (I think they call that mud).
It was the mother-load of all things old and rusty. The kind of place you automatically flash back to “when’s the last time I had a tetanus shot?”
There were several others there and it seemed most of us could hardly contain our zeal. We were like starving people who had just bellied up to a well stocked desert table and we were all diggin in.
My favorite find was this old bent, dirty and corroded tractor radiator.
 imageimageimageOriginally I had thought what a great wall piece this will make. But then I suggested to my husband that maybe a coffee table was waiting to happen.
He took over at that point and ran with it. He salvaged an old wire cylinder we had laying around. He sanded down the rust and thoroughly cleaned out the old radiator. He then applied lacquer. He used door stops to hold the glass in place.  The glass had to be round, beveled and tempered so that was the most substansial cost.
When he showed me the table complete, I was so happy for him because he enjoyed the process. He’s on board with the idea that refurbishing and repurposing is an art form that should be celebrated and cultivated. The old tractor coffee table is the perfect example of doing so.


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