This poem was written in response to the shocking and beyond sad law recently passed in New York, regarding ABORTION.  The peddling of death while pandering to the base in high volume is wrong in so many ways.

The destruction of life, one way or another

Child sacrificed in attempt, our guilt to smother

With end to conscious, begins the loss of humanity

While hypocrisy applauded, for all to see

Death now celebrated, misplaced shame consumes

Pain exploited as political gain self righteously looms

Masterful justification espoused, nullifying life from the start

Panic weaponized to ensure, silencing the beat of heart

Audacious theatrics portraying death as made sterile

Contradicting life cherished, sacred opposition to cultural ill



A Future Lost

Who decides when a future is lost?

The child sacrificed, for culture cost

A woman’s panic, exploited for gain

How is it justified, weaponizing her pain?

God, I pray for solution to prevail

Mother and child, we do not fail

Terminating innocents, the presence of soul

Choice over life, seems a contrary goal

Why not love past the offer of temporary relief?

Honestly sharing, with death comes grief

Telling the truth should not be a threat

Don’t we deserve, to live past our regret?

Precious the life, both mother and child

Never to be used or culture defiled

God, I pray you enlighten the heart

Future not lost, as life first does start


Some say, you lost your cancer battle.  I don’t see it that way at all.  You my dear friend, were the victor.  Your faith, love, kindness, generosity and GRACE won the war!!!!!  There are few words to do you justice.  It will be in gesture and celebration of life, you will be best remembered.  Reminded I pray to always be of a love given though my friend Frances, which she gave to all and so freely.


Your beauty remained ravage free

From beginning to end

To beginning again

Victorious faith, through you to see

Light in your touch, grace dispersed

From beginning to end

To beginning again

Heavy in hand, a love immersed

Bright your light, beyond any dark

From beginning to end

To beginning again

Through you, my friend He left His mark

Thank you Frances, for your soul so kind

From beginning to end

To beginning again

Generous spirit, your love remains to remind

As Thread is to Needle, Prayer is to Heal

Jagged, ragged, torn to shreds

Tattered to shattered, worn through threads

Sewn into prayer, frayed into Christ

The weave of His shroud, such a loving entice

As thread is to needle, prayers are to heal

While life grabs and tears and rips in zeal

Prayers of love, leave not a shred of doubt

We are woven to Him, our life throughout

Thank God for those who’ve prayed today

More than once, the attempt to walk away

Healing prayers which mend the torn

Wrapped in Christ, the fabric of a life reborn4B9BC877-8786-4B14-AA05-64B0F50CF8CF

Mother to Child, What Price Relief?


From what I have experienced in life, relief can be temporary but when desperate many of us “choose” to believe whatever we are told in order to relieve our panic, fear and pain.

I can not have a child today

The terror I feel, gone past dismay

In hopes my life, I will regain

There is a way, to relieve my pain

It’s “my right”, the choice I make

This child has come as a mistake

Overcome by panic from the start

I’m not a woman who has no heart

Relief offered, in hope to correct

An inconvenient truth, I choose to reject

The burden too heavy to carry alone

My child expendable, no need to atone

That’s what they tell me, while exploiting my fear?

Knowing full well, “what I need to hear”

I’m sorry child but you have no voice

“Our” reality comes through, in only “my choice”

Mercy in Regress



The voice of the voiceless

Beating for the right to life

Cultural objective directly opposed

Perspective lost in guilt or loud disdain

Drowned out, the already silent child


Insisting our right to choose

One life for another

Is it true that heartbeat is heard?

Life within a mothers womb

Silencing the right to life


Justification the weapon of choice

While protection be misguided

Hypocrisy contradicts compassion

Death opposes life cherished

Reaction chosen over response



The miracles are coming

But they’ve been here the whole time

In the brokenness of spirit

Where He calls us each, His mine

The miracles are coming

In the peace where pain resides

Only His love remains constant

In Him alone I hide

The miracles are coming

Never alone I need to be

Praise God for His omnipotence

His gift of Son for Me

Soul Searching, where have all the unborn gone?

Jeremiah 1:5

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”

Where have all the unborn gone?

Long time passing

Where have all the unborn gone?

All those many souls

Soul, comes within that first breath?

Upon the beating of our hearts?

Or is life forced through His breath?

From where each soul finds start

Conception to creation of soul

Our Father, He meant to be?

This I believe comes before 

What we are meant to see

I believe within that beating heart

Has already a soul been formed!!!!

The miracle has been performed

The Topic (non-topic) of Abortion

Abortion, a cultural and religious issue.  Abortion, a life and death issue.  Abortion, it’s all in how you look at it and I pray we do just that.  Abortion, an act of violence chosen in response to terror!!!!

Compassion, when we care enough to listen and counsel.  Compassion, when we can love beyond our fear for self and into another.  Compassion, the pride of righteousness is replaced with the solution of life.  Compassion, Gods gift to respond to another not merely react to their pain.

Hypocrisy, when we shout down each other for shouting down each other.  Hypocrisy, when the bullied becomes the bully.  Hypocrisy, when we profess to be the champion for the less fortunate yet choose the more convenient way, in hopes to silent the already silent problem.  Hypocrisy, who can scream the loudest while victimizing the victim wins the argument.

I pray we look beyond the right to choose

Deligently, research why and what we have to loose

I think we get so caught up in the act of fight

That we know not what, the true plight

Sometimes we’re quick to judge another

Flaunt our righteousness in protection of sister/brother

Arguments screamed in high volume

In the hopes that doing so, the agenda you must consume

The fight to right the injustice to all?

Loses it’s merit when discussion. not brought to call

Roseanne set the Barr

Thank you for bravely, sharing your commitment and your willingness to not let your political-opinion be used to define you.

Thank you for your honesty and suggestion we should continue encouragement to meet in the middle and start the discussion, is much appreciated.  Please tell us where to watch more discussion and please some Roseanne sarcasm , it’s honest humor is so refreshing.

Thank you Mr Hannity