Lost to be Found

Luke 15:3-4
Then Jesus told them this parable:
“What man among you, if he has a hundred sheep and loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the pasture and go after the one that is lost, until he finds it?”

This poem was written because of the hope I have in God’s love.  I believe He truly does not intend to lose a one of His beloveds.  We all struggle and hurt and break to pieces.  We get lost in the dark but never are we abandoned, that sure gives me peace when i know the struggle is real without Him.

We are lamb to the Shepherd
Lost to be found
Never abandoned, not a one
In death no longer bound

The wealth of surrender
Destitute no more
Vine, ground firmly beyond dust
Life rooted into core

Wonder in miracle performed
Always within His sight
Vision beyond self blindness
From darkness into light

Tears of joy and gratitude
Omnipotence has graced
Those strayed, not forsaken
The Cross of Christ embraced



This poem was written to give hope to those feeling broken. To praise Jesus for rearranging the pieces and being the glue that holds us together

There is none in life who’ve not
been broken
Shattered, but never beyond
God’s repair
We must break to come into Him
the healer, the Word is spoken
In our attempt to piece back together
His peace does not compare

It’s only from the broken where
the light, in can seep
So beautiful is the scar
that’s been paid
Always beware in wound, is where too
the dark does seek to reap
But now vessel more solid in strength
molded to what God has made

From the shards of discarded
and fractured in soul
Christ is the bind, able to “peace”
the vessel pure in heart
Wounds heal differently beyond transistion
from fragmented pain to whole
Where the broken, were meant to
break from the start



Faith, the opposing force of the tangible
Yet the most tangible force of all
Faith, to accept what is the unseen
To know you’re held mid-fall

Faith, brings tears of joy to those in pain
And praise from lips long pursed
Faith, stepped into as God’s armor
In a world the self has cursed

Faith, never meant to remain stagnate
But to grow within each soul
Faith, the opposing force of the tangible
Yet the most tangible force of all

Father, Son and Holy Spirit the Trinity in One

Mark 9:24
Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!”

For sometime i have believed
In Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the trinity in one
A leap of faith, the spirit led
Where the search had been so long
Never did I question Him from the time i first believed
But oh how i did question self, knowing full well the heart deceived

In that, is where God loves us past the doubts within ourselves
And into his amazing grace where He heals us into soul
Where tears of life in grief and joy, we move beyond the cries of fear
He loves us past the place of self, never captive beyond His call
Praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the gift He offers us, each all

Much More Than A Voice To Lose


In heart can be heard the voice of the voiceless
Beating for the right to life
Our cultural objective directly opposed
Perspective lost in either apathy or loud disdain
Drowned out the already silent child
The sound of mercy in regress

One life for another
We insist on our right to choose
But it’s true that heartbeat is heard
Life within a mothers womb
And the choice is not to listen
How do we then justify
Compliance in silencing another
With much more than a voice to loose

Truth Be Told



Now as an old woman, who knows full well God’s love, I remember another time.  As I sat in that abortion clinic many years ago I remember well the pulse of terror felt.   I had no idea then what love was, who Christ was.  I reached for help where others professed all mercy for me.  Now I look back and see mercy lost and agenda oh so misguided.

Life’s lines get blurred when objective is lost
Why then not counsel before such great cost
Many say my rights are of the utmost concern
Not a decision made lightly, the truth to discern

Offer solution, without destroying another
Anything please, than to abort me as mother
Tell me the truth as to what to expect
The expulsion of life, to relieve my regret

My anguish and panic are not up for abuse
The remnant of child, kept silent as part of the ruse
Not to be caught in agenda, as death is proposed
Compassion means more when life’s not opposed

If truly my rights are of the utmost concern
Honesty please, when does the rhythm of heartbeat on turn
The objective is not lost, the lines not a blur
The expedient death of child should not be the cure
God’s breath through Christ, life forever and pure

All about You – Unless YOU Don’t Get To Be


I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl, last night.  The game was fantastic, I missed half time but heard it was wonderful.

The commercials however were not so good.  I noticed quite a few business’s that were overly obvious in their willingness to pick  the pockets of their target audience and all while “feeling good” about it.  Buy our product and maybe you too will feel good, be good and do good.  One in particular commercial got my attention, it was for a phone carrier.  In the T-Mobile commercial we see adorable infants in all color and gender (I’m assuming that second part) while through pleasant tone an actress narrates their welcome to the world.  She tells them they are unstoppable and her voice strengthens as she professes the strength they too will be allowed.  As the video came to an end and the camera moved beyond one last adorable face I saw the void before the  “change starts now” emblem came to screen.  It seemed to me they missed something.  I saw the loss  of potential through the lost child, the child who doesn’t get to consume all the world has to offer.

I have in my lifetime visited more than one abortion clinic.  It was not something I choose to forget and I wrote this poem long ago from my own perspective as a terrified, then young woman.  I believe in life and not just so another can profit by it.

Life’s lines get blurred when objective is lost
Many say my rights are of the utmost concern
Why then not counsel before such great cost
Not a decision made lightly, the truth to discern

Offer me solution, without destroying another
Tell me the truth as to what to expect
When offered the choice to abort me as mother
The expulsion of life, to relieve my regret

My anguish and panic are not for abuse
Not to be caught in agenda, while fact not disclosed
The remnant of child kept silent, as part of the ruse
Compassion means more, when life’s not opposed

If truly my rights are of the utmost concern
Truth be told please, in full disclosure
When does the rhythm of heartbeat on, turn
Life’s lines less blurred when in light of exposure

Pandering not in Mute

Agenda screamed in high volume
Pandering not in mute
Life dramatic enough without theatric
Argument masked in contorted face

Message morphed into messenger
Distraction through detraction
Words weaponized, in hopes no need to look beyond
The glass window from where was shot

Rhetoric all wrapped in righteous disdain
Maybe more about self than another
Drowned out the sound of solution




Abortion, such an ugly word, so ugly we don’t talk about it with each other.                    We rather choose to beat each other up with it.  It’s ugly for a reason!!!!!

Abortion, it’s all in how you look at it and I pray we do just that.
Abortion, an act of violence chosen in response to terror.

Compassion, the pride of righteousness is replaced with the solution of life and the offering of support beyond the termination of the problem.                             Eventually the shoe always does drop and with choice comes consequence.
Compassion, God’s gift to respond to another, not merely react to their pain.

Hypocrisy, when we shout down each other for shouting down each other.
Hypocrisy, when the bullied becomes the bully.
Hypocrisy, when we profess to be the champion for the less fortunate,                        yet choose the more convenient way in the attempt to silence the silent.
Hypocrisy, who can scream the loudest, while victimizing the victim wins the argument.

I pray we look beyond the right to choose
And research why and what we have to loose
I think we get so caught up in the act of fight
That we know not what is the true plight
Sometimes we’re quick to judge another
Flaunt our righteousness in protection of sister/brother
Arguments screamed in high volume
In the hopes that doing so, the agenda you must consume
The fight to right the injustice to all?
Loses it’s merit when discussion not brought to call



Psalm 91:4
He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.


Is it God’s armor or our own mask
Which to choose from
As life’s challenges take us each to task

Desperately we grasp to remedy all our pain
While knowing full well
Choose wisely for the mask of self offers only temporary gain

Habitually/masterfully we claw for application of said mask
Which stretched and distorted
No longer offers the possibility to heal what we ask

God in His love has held us throughout
Waiting patiently He endures
As His self bent child reaches beyond a world of tumultuous doubt

In Him we find the shield of peace
Where His armor reigns supreme
The dark of mask that blinded heart, at last begins to cease

The love He offers through His son
When stepped into by faith
Refuge past the sheer endurance, where often we would run

From ripped and torn with fabric in fray
The truth no longer masked
Man made suffering soaked in grief, we no longer choose to stay

Is it God’s armor or our own mask
Which to choose from
As life’s challenges take us each to task