Pondering Poetic

Mark 9:24
Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!”

For sometime i have believed
In Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the trinity in one
A leap of faith, the spirit led
Where the search had been so long
Never did I question Him from the time i first believed
But oh how i did question self, knowing full well the heart deceived

In that, is where God loves us past the doubts within ourselves
And into his amazing grace where He heals us into soul
Where tears of life in grief and joy, we move beyond the cries of fear
He loves us as we gasp for air in the panic of life’s mid-fall
Praise God, for the breath of faith He offers us each all

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”

Where have all the unborn gone
Long time passing
Where have all the unborn gone
All those many souls

Does the soul come with our first breath
Upon the beating of our hearts
Or does it come in His breath
From where each soul finds start

Conception to creation of soul
That is meant to be
This I believe comes before
What we are meant to see

I believe within that heart that beats
Has already a soul been formed
And not one to terminate but rather celebrate
The miracle has been performed


Greedy Little Piggy (that I am), I’ll Continue To Count My Many Blessings


In most of our lives, hustle, bustle, toil and sometimes trouble are not a rarity but the norm.
It’s an unfortunate fact of life, that on occasion we get so caught up in the act of living that we can become numb to the art of life.

Tonight I had a much needed reminder, that in all things, when they be simple and from the heart of another comes some mighty good medicine (aka mojo).

For me, it’s when I force myself to stop, breath and appreciate those around me and the abudance of gifts they are blessed with, that I really and truly relax.

I’m countin my blessings and praising my Lord tonight!!!!

Change Is In The Air (if we allow)

Okay I have a something to say. Something that is not so funny (and I try always to keep it light in my blog, but no so much today).

Actually it is not just something but something’s I have been thinking and praying about so long and maybe now it’s time to put finger to keyboard. I have a feeling the next paragraphs will upset maybe more than a few. If you are upset by what you are reading I ask a couple of things, please do not simply react. Take a moment and digest what you read and then respond in a thoughtful, hopefully kind way. If you’re pissed and can’t do the kind thing then please just realize that we are all allowed to have opinions and to discuss without blame or hate, otherwise change is for sure not in the air.

I’m 57 yrs old I have lived one very full life. Living past the age of 10 and full bore to boot, I have some things I have witnessed that have bothered me very much. It’s to the point now that I can no longer remain silent. I really do not like drama. At the same time I abhor lying and cowardness, so it’s time I start walking my talk and sharing my thought. Because I am coming from a place that I hope things may change for the better I must ask you all to please realize this takes a lot and I’m doing it at my own discretion, so please use yours too.

It has troubled me for years as to how we celebrate others grieve and misery. A lot of this is in regards to media. It seems kind of a cunumbdrum to me that we need to know what is going on out there in the world, yet have little regard for those most affected by circumstance. I totally agree it is so important to get the truth. What concerns me is that truth can be biased and therefore only true to those reporting it. I have told my children for years that everyone has an agenda. You must take most things with a grain of salt and then do further research for yourself. While I am so grateful to those brave reporters who put themselves in harms way to ensure we know the truth. I still believe it is then our responsibility to research that truth further.

What I find in total contrast to that bravery and I believe integrity, is when the polar opposite coverage occurs. For me when I turn on the news and see a talking head dissecting another tragedy, the facts become exploited and I really do have a problem with that.

About 30 yrs ago a very nice local man died in a car accident. He was a businessman, husband, and father and in general a very nice fellow I thought. I found out about his death through a local newscast and I was devasted. Not only had his wife lost her husband and his children lost their father, but for whatever reason the media had the need to document through photography just one of this poor mans shoe’s lying out in the middle of the highway. I was in my twenties at that time and remember how that one act of making that shoe the focus of the broadcast made me realize, even grieve will be exploited, for whatever reason I really do not understand.

Keep in mind please that I have been sitting on all these thoughts for a while but not had the courage, until now to tell you what I really think.

Unfortunately after years and years of watching one exploitation after another I can no longer stand to remain quiet. I was always hoping it would change but I see now it ain’t about to happen.

I kept my mouth shut for so long until Paula Deen. Don’t get me wrong I hate racism; it’s based in fear that projects hate. More than racism though I just plain old hate, hate. Because that is based in evil. To me hypocrisy is evil and something we are all very capable of. I have always known that when someone else comes out swingin they usually have some deep shit they really don’t want to own up to and that is hypocrisy to it’s core.

My point is please let’s stop with Paula Deen. The Salem Witch Trials are to me being reenacted and it really blows my mind. Do we actually believe in the crucification of this woman we are going to alleviate racism? In my humble opinion I think not. What I see coming down the pike is more closeted racism. I see more hypocrisy than ever and by allowing this we open the gate for more hate. I think what we should be doing is educating through her blunder. I gotta say right here and now that I do not defend everything Paula has done. But what I defend is a woman who grew up in a different culture than myself. I defend a woman who I do believe made some poor choices but still had the courage to admit to saying something that she must have known would not go over well. My God in heaven while I deplore bigotry I celebrate honesty. How refreshing it is to hear and honest remark when asked a question.

At this point I gotta go all the way back to how much I detest dishonesty. To me ignorance we can change but dishonesty is far reaching and way scarier. I must go back to Bill Clinton. Again, this is my opinion and I’m entitled to it. I never wrote about it but it has bugged me for freakin years. In regards to his “maybe yes, maybe no” pot smokin past, President Clinton said this “When I was in England, I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t inhale and never tried it again.” I knew then he was full of shit. I don’t even want to go further with more of Bill Clinton because it may hurt others and I’m not too much into that but I am trying to make a point . Bill Clinton was not an honest person, in my opinion. When people are maybe misguided but still honest we have hope. These are the people who can through there own learning and painful process help to change the world.

So let’s all remain hopeful that change is in the works, through kindness, courage and honesty. It really does take a special kind of person to make for change. It takes a person of courage and truth. Though her or his truth may be in need of change, you must have a person with the courage for truth to make the change.

There will be more to follow on a future blog. But it will be my truth and what I hope so much will get people thinking and maybe in a place where we are willing to listen with an open mind and kind heart.