Truth Be Told



Now as an old woman, who knows full well God’s love, I remember another time.  As I sat in that abortion clinic many years ago I remember well the pulse of terror felt.   I had no idea then what love was, who Christ was.  I reached for help where others professed all mercy for me.  Now I look back and see mercy lost and agenda oh so misguided.

Life’s lines get blurred when objective is lost
Why then not counsel before such great cost
Many say my rights are of the utmost concern
Not a decision made lightly, the truth to discern

Offer solution, without destroying another
Anything please, than to abort me as mother
Tell me the truth as to what to expect
The expulsion of life, to relieve my regret

My anguish and panic are not up for abuse
The remnant of child, kept silent as part of the ruse
Not to be caught in agenda, as death is proposed
Compassion means more when life’s not opposed

If truly my rights are of the utmost concern
Honesty please, when does the rhythm of heartbeat on turn
The objective is not lost, the lines not a blur
The expedient death of child should not be the cure
God’s breath through Christ, life forever and pure


Pandering not in Mute

Agenda screamed in high volume
Pandering not in mute
Life dramatic enough without theatric
Argument masked in contorted face

Message morphed into messenger
Distraction through detraction
Words weaponized, in hopes no need to look beyond
The glass window from where was shot

Rhetoric all wrapped in righteous disdain
Maybe more about self than another
Drowned out the sound of solution



Guilt into Love in Action

horizonHebrews 12:11
No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

Selfish is guilt, when used in the noun
Silently stagnate until in verb form
No movement or action, no motivation beyond
The dark place of shame for some is the norm

Or maybe in self, where justification is rule
We reach out for reason in hopes to deny
Where our failures we choose to fiercely defend
No need to look out from the souls inner eye

Thank God for the peace where repentance is gift
Where guilt moves into action and forgiveness is key
The evolvement of life pushes noun into verb
Life into change, guilt to compassion in Him meant to be

One step forward, two steps back, Prayers in faith, may we never lack

Ephesians 6:13
“Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand”.

One step forward and two steps back
Prayers in faith, may we not ever lack
The path not straight by human eye
But you see past our self-bent cry

Stepping into you, robed in love
Wearing you, in prayer to rise above
When all the world begs us to fall
The beckoning of your love does call

Wrapped in Christ, armored in glory
His perfect walk, the truth in story
Stepping beyond the world at large
In you alone we give full charge

We pray we find in you, our way
When lost mid-step and in dismay
One step forward and two steps back
Prayers in faith, may we not ever lack


Matthew 16:24
Then Jesus told His disciples, if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

I do not see, because i choose to see not
With eyes wide shut, the soul to rot
My God, my God I cry to thee
As He continues to reach beyond the me
In the attempt for self, I’m brought to my knees
Where, from the broken and battered
His compassion, our heart best sees
In Him I praise His full embrace
He held me close as I turned my face
Never to leave me in the dark
He shines a light that leaves His mark
And now I see, from where compassion grows
It is through His grace that mercy shows
I praise you Father for the gift in sight
And loving me through my own might

The praise of peace
The peace in praise
Inside the heart is Jesus raised
The ransom paid in love the cost
So that my soul may not be lost
I praise the peace in Him alone
Forgiven sins He did atone
In peace He holds me close to thee
In praise I pray to constant bedaylily at home


Pondering Poetic

Mark 9:24
Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!”

For sometime i have believed
In Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the trinity in one
A leap of faith, the spirit led
Where the search had been so long
Never did I question Him from the time i first believed
But oh how i did question self, knowing full well the heart deceived

In that, is where God loves us past the doubts within ourselves
And into his amazing grace where He heals us into soul
Where tears of life in grief and joy, we move beyond the cries of fear
He loves us as we gasp for air in the panic of life’s mid-fall
Praise God, for the breath of faith He offers us each all

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”

Where have all the unborn gone
Long time passing
Where have all the unborn gone
All those many souls

Does the soul come with our first breath
Upon the beating of our hearts
Or does it come in His breath
From where each soul finds start

Conception to creation of soul
That is meant to be
This I believe comes before
What we are meant to see

I believe within that heart that beats
Has already a soul been formed
And not one to terminate but rather celebrate
The miracle has been performed


In honor of Memorial Day , I’m reposting my husband’s wonderful poem.

“Old Glory?”

The time was when the mere sight of you

With your white stars on field of blue

And your thirteen stripes of red and white

Would make men stand tall and do what’s right.

Brave men have bled and died to win you a place

On a thousand hills, to bring freedom to every race

You inspired many a heart to burst forth in song

As you marked the triumph of right over wrong.

As I bring you down from your place of display

While the sun is setting on still another day

Things seem different now than they were then

Few will stand and be counted as your friend.

You have been torn, desecrated, and even burned

By those who for freedom have never yearned

They take their freedom for granted every day

They say, “No one could possibly take it away.”

Can we not see you for what you really are?

You represent not what we have, but what we are.

You are not a piece of cloth hanging on a pole.

You represent our people, spirit, body and soul.

You now have no glory of your own to see.

Nor have you ever had, it seems to me.

You are but a mirror reflecting the pride

The people of the nation possess inside.

If we cannot look on you and feel the pride,

Maybe it’s time we took a good look inside.

To make sure we are the best that we can be and that we live as if we deserve to be free.

Then as we look on you, your glory to behold.

We will not see a glory from days of old

But a reflection of ourselves is what we’ll see

Doing right, living as if we deserve to be free.

Gary Mellick 1992