Matthew 16:24
Then Jesus told His disciples, if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

I do not see, because i choose to see not
With eyes wide shut, the soul to rot
My God, my God I cry to thee
As He continues to reach beyond the me
In the attempt for self, I’m brought to my knees
Where, from the broken and battered
His compassion, our heart best sees
In Him I praise His full embrace
He held me close as I turned my face
Never to leave me in the dark
He shines a light that leaves His mark
And now I see, from where compassion grows
It is through His grace that mercy shows
I praise you Father for the gift in sight
And loving me through my own might

The praise of peace
The peace in praise
Inside the heart is Jesus raised
The ransom paid in love the cost
So that my soul may not be lost
I praise the peace in Him alone
Forgiven sins He did atone
In peace He holds me close to thee
In praise I pray to constant bedaylily at home



Pondering Poetic

Mark 9:24
Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!”

For sometime i have believed
In Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the trinity in one
A leap of faith, the spirit led
Where the search had been so long
Never did I question Him from the time i first believed
But oh how i did question self, knowing full well the heart deceived

In that, is where God loves us past the doubts within ourselves
And into his amazing grace where He heals us into soul
Where tears of life in grief and joy, we move beyond the cries of fear
He loves us as we gasp for air in the panic of life’s mid-fall
Praise God, for the breath of faith He offers us each all

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”

Where have all the unborn gone
Long time passing
Where have all the unborn gone
All those many souls

Does the soul come with our first breath
Upon the beating of our hearts
Or does it come in His breath
From where each soul finds start

Conception to creation of soul
That is meant to be
This I believe comes before
What we are meant to see

I believe within that heart that beats
Has already a soul been formed
And not one to terminate but rather celebrate
The miracle has been performed

Left dazed, confused and sad from Women’s March

Last night I sat and watched some of the media coverage from the Women’s March. Ashley Judd recited in full theatric, a poem she had received from another woman. As I observed her face contort and voice reflect added disdain and hate in word spoken, it was heartbraking and frightening. I felt sorry for her and the woman who wrote it. Their pain, fear and rage I do believe to be real and the reading left me not only saddened but a little dazed and confused. While I have empathy for the pain and frustration, it was almost lost in the confusion and appearance of little to no compassion  in message. It is sad to me that in times of fear, women too will allow themselves to be used to the detriment of the very issues we hold dear. I felt as if I had witnessed an assault and the assaultee had become the assaulter, the hypocricy of the bullied acting so much the bully, was not lost.

As a woman, who believes in the power of women, I pray we do not start to become the ugly we accuse others of. Please let’s not turn our backs on one another and attack. I think change happens because of the empathy God gives us for one another. Empathy is not an empty gesture, exclusivity or hard hitting words, meant to hurt/shock and exploit another’s pain. It is an act of love and not one done by espousing vitriol for or towards another.
I pray that we start talking about issues, rather than talking at, degrading, judging and cursing in our self-righteous behavior.
I see women on both sides of the abortion issue shaming each other. It is beyond sad to me that if I am pro/life some feel the need to shame me for my belief. I came to that belief for reasons I would love to discuss.
At the same time I absolutely do not want to shame another for being pro/choice and I would love to know why you feel that way, not just that you do and that is because you see I do believe there is an unprotected being involved. I was raised to believe that is what women do, they protect those who can not protect themselves. I also think many of those at the march are there because they too want to stand up where others may not to. I am just wanting to know why are the unborn not included?
I do not want to believe women are against each other I want and pray that we use our hearts as well as our minds to share thoughts and most importantly testimony.
I know there is a reason we believe differently and I hope we will start listening to each other.
For me it is hard to listen though, when blame and shame is being used as a weapon, from either side, that is WRONG and will not provide solution but more pain, sparation and destruction.
In regards to abortion, I know firsthand the panic and terror that a woman feels when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. I have experienced the guilt and shame that can come with abortion. For myself, when I accepted the love of Christ I also accepted the guilt I felt over the ending of life. For me acknowledging the remorse and guilt became a motivating factor towards a God of Love, Forgiveness and Life. I believe God sheds light on the dark place where we each can experience shame.  Shame is  debilitating and when used as a weapon (whether that be self/inflicted or projected) it keeps us stuck, divided and alone in the dark. There is no answer in shaming each other on either side of this issue. We can not find a solution, when we continually wield blame and shame as our weapons of choice.

My belief is that life begins at conception and I know that a heartbeat can be detected at six weeks. I don’t simply believe this because I want to, in fact I am pretty unpopular in my belief. But I have lived it and researched the “facts”. This is where  I will readily admit that one thing about the facts, is that we each tend use “facts” from sources that back our belief/agenda, it is for that reason I believe we are to unite in discussion in hopes to share past our own agendas and truly protect life and those facing such pain in it.

Living Life in Color

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imageimageimageimageThe JUNK IN THE TRUNK (and then some) in beautiful downtown Yakima Wa

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

imageimageI know it’s not yet turkey day, but down at the Junk in the Trunk (and then some booth) we’re already and very gratefully sweating a little “tinsel”, while getting our fa-la-la-la-la on!!!!!

The Junk in the Trunk, is just one of the many vendors participating in this years Christmas Open House at Morton’s Antique Mall on the Ave in beautiful downtown Yakima, Wa.  If you are out and about spreading some good cheer on Friday, Nov 18th between 6:30-9:00 please stop by for cookies (some gluten free), a warm bevarage and a stroll through two floors of memory evoking antiques, vintage, shabby chic and repurposed junk/treasures galore.

As I’m writing I wonder if Santa is as into the recycle/repurpose/re-CELEBRATE thing as some of us are, he should be!!!!!


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Simply Put, There’s a Whole Lot of Pretty in Keeping it Simple

You know the old saying “keep it simple stupid”.  Well I kind of agree with that suggestion and with that in mind I tried to celebrate the basics of this pretty old dresser.  It had so much paint on it, that I was not able to get it back to the original natural finish.   However I didn’t want to make it so much about the new paint either.  So I opted for a basic black and just a slight hint of color in those “mellow/yellow” pretty drawer pulls.  I think it came out simply gorgeous!!!!



Junk in the Trunk (and then some)

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my eyes behold a whole lot of treasure in what some see as trash.  There ain’t no such thing as JUNK to me.

Santa, It’s Time To Stop The Madness and Start Recycling

Remember “The Island of Misfit Toys”? I sure do, in fact that cartoon may have a lot to do with my junk-a-mania!!!!!!
It was waaay back in the 1960’s that the Holiday classic first broadcast. The plot depicted how all the defective and unwanted toys from Santa’s workshop were sent off to an island/sanctuary (I don’t think so!)
Man oh man, thank goodness times are a changing. Those defective, unwanted and discarded pieces of the past are now recycled, repurposed and celebrated for being for the misfit’s they once were.
My message to Santa this year is to get with it, recycle, repurpose, re-tweek and stop the  madness.