Sippin Vino and Listening to Dino by the Glow of the Old Radio


Take me back to a time when there still seemed an innocence to the world. A time when I really thought life was supposed to be like a musical and when good always conquered evil (actually I am still of the same mine set now regarding both thoughts) just in this way older body now I’m supposed to act kind of mature (I’m not, nor do I want to be).
I still like the old stuff and could listen to Dean Martin croon for days on end. Oh and I just love the sound of music played via vintage tube radio. Those tubes create a distinct nostalgic niche that I so appreciate listening too.
Recently my husband cleaned up this working 1951 SilverTone. He not only got it up and running wonderfully but he added room for wine storage (cuz I really like me some not so fine wine) In addition to that he was able to emulate the glow of those wonderful tubes by adding lighting against the back wall.
Yep, there’s nothing like sippin a little vino while listening to Dean sing me into a nostalgic bliss.

From A Sour Note to “Storing” Up Beautiful Music Once Again


In a past life this old radio cabinet played beautiful music. However by the time I came upon it the sweet sound of big band bliss had hit a more than sour note.
The tubes and speaker were long gone. The finish was in bad shape and the fabric speaker screen torn beyond repair.
But the lines on the cabinet were so pretty and I knew it was just gonna take a little effort to get this gem to be playing a whole new kind of tune.
I sanded and painted inside and out in my favorite, light pistachio green. I replaced the old fabric speaker screen with clear glass beads on plexiglass. The two small doors on front have clear glass pulls and open to a lazy susan. I installed casters on bottom to make it easy to rotate to the open back, two shelf storage.
So with just a little ingenuity, sweat equity and as always a song in my heart I turned up the volume and hit replay with this discarded charmer.

1948, I’m Tuning In and Turning On!!!!


I have been anxiously (the patience thing hasn’t been working so well) awaiting this piece finished. I was so excited when Gary spotted this at a local yard sale.
The owner had explained, though in rough condition the radio still worked. It was then; Gary explained to me that this was going to be a radio with wine storage. Because listening to tunes and drinking wine are two of my favorite things, my excitement went into overdrive. I about drove my poor husband nut’s encouraging him to “please hurry up and get it done!”

On the drive home, you better believe that seat belt could hardly contain my enthusiasm or me. When we got home and plugged in “Jack” (as in Jack Benny) both Gary and I were amazed. There is something so different and wonderful about sound coming from a tube rather than transistors. I went into immediate nostalgia overdrive.

Now just imagine if you will an over excited, way enthusiastic wife now in nostalgic mush mode. My poor husband!!!!

1948 was the year the Eagles Glenn Frey was born and James Taylor too. Not to mention my darling husband came into the world that very year (a big thank you to his mom and dad from me).
Not that it’s my cup of tea at all but in 1948 Nascar held it’s first race for modified stock cars in Daytona.
The movie Easter Parade came out. Watching Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in all their glory was a great pleasure to me. For years I thought life would be so much better if we could just make it a musical. After all who could get pissy when “singing in the rain”.

It was 1948 that the Wham-o slingshot became a catalyst for the famous toy company. It would be 9yrs later that the hula-hoop would come to be and for me that stinkin hula-hoop has always been my nemesis. I have yet to master that darn thing and have added that feat onto my “bucket list”.

It was 1948 that President Truman won his second term in office. That man truly had the weight of the world on his shoulders. General Patton said, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Somehow I always relate that phrase to President Truman.

Don’t get me wrong I live in and love being present. But I have a strong need to celebrate and learn from the past. I think that’s what I’m going to do this evening, I’m gonna bask in the glow from the old radio dial and pop the cork on some cheap wine while I tune in and turn on.