Living Life in Color

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A Pop Of Color to Brighten the Day

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I’m going to start off by shouting to the world, “I love color”, then I’m going to sheepishly admit that “I’m afraid when using it.” I want to so badly, but hold myself back. However, I found a perfect solution. … Continue reading

Repurposed Lead Glass Lamp (Planted in Light)

You just have to love spring. The world comes into full bloom under the warmth of light. Here in the Northwest it really is beautiful year round. But for me it’s spring, summer and YARD-SALES that brighten my day. This … Continue reading

Dropped the Drawers and Got My Mod Podge On


This old dresser may have been a sight for sore eyes to some. But not for me. In fact when I got a glimpse of this relic I envisioned all the possibilities that come with, sanding painting and a little imagination.
This piece was going to allow me the opportunity to peak past just paint and see what could be done with Mod Podge. I had not ever tried it up to this point. I could hardly wait to drop a little Mod Podge and Dollar Store gift wrap (because I’m all about saving a buck) on those drawers. The process was a little time consuming and for me messy. In general though I loved learning a new technique and was quite happy when my vision became reality.

Imagine the Possibilities

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My imagination paints the picture that I long to see. I love when young and old alike allow themselves the freedom to dream. To me the best dreams come from an overzealous imagination. “Imagine the possibilities”, I love those words … Continue reading