Words of Advice, From A Grateful and Well Worn “Crap” Consesoir


Because I so love to see the beauty in all things old and of character, I put together just few thoughts to ponder;

Either find your “purpose” in life or “repurpose” your life.

“It never hurts to put a little paint on the old barn”, so flaunt your creativity with all ya got!!!!!!

In age, does not always come wisdom, but does come character. The kinder in character, the more gracefully we age.

When you forgive someone, don’t put them on probation. A bitter heart leads to a bitter “character”.

A promise broken, can never be repaired. It may only be forgiven and forgotten.

Champions do not always win, but they are never losers!!!!!!!!

The only difference between “prestige” and “prejudice” is in the spelling.

God gifts us with the ability to develop our character as we age. It is up to us to celebrate Him in that enormous gift.


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