Vintage Mediterranean Dresser (Gaudy Maudy)

I was so excited when I found this gargantuan, not so delicate Mediterranean gem. With missing pulls and a really bad paint job, she was still one big bold beauty in my eyes. So with this in mind I christened her “Gaudy Maudy”.
As it turned out I had a friend who really wanted “Maudy” and kind of had some color choices in mind. I researched other pieces that were similar and we decided on a beautiful lagoon color. Actually I ended up using Rustoleum spray paint and it went on great.
Here is where I must express gratitude for google, pinterest and those hardworking other junker’s who are so willing to share there works and techniques.
I found a site on how to apply glaze. I purchased some at Home Depot and they also added the black color there. I found the glazing process to be fairly easy and just a little messy. It worked great to draw the eye from subtle flaws and added a lot of depth.image
One thing I discovered in process of rehab was that I only had four of the original drawer pulls. I searched high and low but never did find originals. So had to opt for plan B and replace all with what I could find and that would atleast kind of replicate that mediterranean vibe. It took a little ingenuity and a hacksaw but we made do the best we could.imageimage
The finished piece turned out pretty well I think and per request from “Gaudy Maudy’s” new owner we added the red paint to sides of drawers, for just a little more drama!!!!


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