I’ve Got A Monkey On My Back and I Told Him To Get Off My Ass!!!!

i was reading through old post this morning and came upon this, thought I’d share again.


I’m afraid it’s just a fact my friends, we all get the “monkey on the back” thing at one time or another.

It doesn’t matter if we make every attempt to keep our “ass” out of trouble and live the good life. We are all more than capable of developing an itch that only that stinkin monkey can scratch.

I’m gonna come clean right now and admit my monkey this summer has been frequenting every low down, flea bitten (and monkeys can carry fleas you know) yard sale this side of the Pacific. I’m officially an old lady, yard sale junkie!

It started off as fun. I was just trying to find my treasure in somebody else’s trash. I wanted to give new life to old crap. It was my mission and I thought an innocent one, until recently that is.

But a couple of weeks ago I noticed beads…

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