A Pop Of Color to Brighten the Day

I’m going to start off by shouting to the world, “I love color”, then I’m going to sheepishly admit that “I’m afraid when using it.” I want to so badly, but hold myself back.
However, I found a perfect solution. Pop a little vibrancy in here and there, that way I don’t have to commit to total color abandon, but I still manage to feel like I got a little old hippie in me and I’m carefree (well kind of).
Case in point, a friend and I found this beautiful old harp style dresser/mirror while on our Saturday yard sale excursion. I was so excited when the woman in charge negotiated price with me. She was very generous in her ultimate reduction and I almost tripped over my own feet while making my way to the car, with treasure in hand. I actually wasn’t sure it would fit in the truck with all our other precious booty from the past. But then I was reminded by my friend that we live by the credo “make it fit” and so we did.
The dresser/mirror had been painted previously and I was not into stripping paint off. I was going to try the chalk-paint again. It worked great on the dresser but I hated it on the mirror. I really didn’t want to commit to one color throughout but still I did want COLOR. The dresser had been missing one drawer pull. I found some for a good price (cheap) at a local rehab store. With my husbands tweeking we made them fit. I also picked up color samples at a local hardware store. By buying just samples I felt safe. After all I still wasn’t committed to one specific color and I loved the green.
In conclusion, I am very happy with the end result. It may not be for everyone but for me the world is a little brighter, cuz I dipped my one toe into the pool of color I’ve avoided for so long.


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