Back to the Refurb Blackboard and Chalking One Up for Chalk-Paint

In regards to most things in life, I still got a lot to learn.
When it comes to refurbishing the old, worn but with lot’s of character (just like me) pieces from the past I need all the schooling I can get. With that in mind, I’m not past asking those who’ve been doing this longer than myself for advice. I’m really enjoying seeing how others light up when they get to share there knowledge.
Another source I have found to be a God sent is google. You better believe I google anything and everything in regards to technique, colors and repurposing too.
The pics atop are amongst my first attempts with chalk-paint. That stuff is expensive!!!! But I discovered after further educating (googling) myself that you can make your own. I also discover this stuff is great for those of us students with the attention span of a gnat. No sanding necessary, quick to dry and after wax application, makes you feel like almost an “A” student (not that I got to experience that feeling much in school).


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