Repurposed Lead Glass Lamp (Planted in Light)


You just have to love spring. The world comes into full bloom under the warmth of light.
Here in the Northwest it really is beautiful year round. But for me it’s spring, summer and YARD-SALES that brighten my day.
This old lamp we came upon at a wonderful neighborhood sale. It was “shiny” and I like that a lot. Also it was dated, really bold in stature and “cheap”, so was a “must have” for sure.
I will tell you now that I’m learning to save all unused parts from past completed projects. Very rarely will I not find use for something, somewhere down the refurb road to Xanadu.
Case in point, the lead glass tray off old ceiling lamp fit well when attached firmly to this treasure. It was pretty quick to do and makes for a unique plant/candle stand.
As I continue to grow in my pursuit for recycle, re-tweek, redo bliss I wish all of you fellow junk-yard junkies the same.


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