From Trash to Treasure (taped to memory)


As I drove up to the yard sale and saw this beauty, it took a lot for me not to jump out of the car while still moving. I was almost in salivation mode while walking (running) up to the owner.
Needless to say I bought it for a reasonable price and enjoyed thoroughly the process of restoration. Well I enjoyed most of it. The one thing that drives me nuts is finding TAPE adhered to wood. I do not understand why anyone tapes wood and have decided that while I’m trying to refrain in the curse word department, TAPE is my new four letter word.


3 thoughts on “From Trash to Treasure (taped to memory)

  1. Wow! That is pretty dang impressive. Currently undertaking my first restoration project next weekend and this is great inspiration! Thanks for the post!

    • May I ask what project you are starting with. Hope it comes out wonderfully and you have fun in the process.
      Thanks for your comment. I will be posting lots more refurbs,retweeks and redo’s

      • Of course you can ask. My husband and I can’t afford a new bedroom set for another year (or longer) and I finally decided to restore an old wooden dresser of his that is beaten up but has potential. Looking forward to future posts!

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