Sippin Vino and Listening to Dino by the Glow of the Old Radio


Take me back to a time when there still seemed an innocence to the world. A time when I really thought life was supposed to be like a musical and when good always conquered evil (actually I am still of the same mine set now regarding both thoughts) just in this way older body now I’m supposed to act kind of mature (I’m not, nor do I want to be).
I still like the old stuff and could listen to Dean Martin croon for days on end. Oh and I just love the sound of music played via vintage tube radio. Those tubes create a distinct nostalgic niche that I so appreciate listening too.
Recently my husband cleaned up this working 1951 SilverTone. He not only got it up and running wonderfully but he added room for wine storage (cuz I really like me some not so fine wine) In addition to that he was able to emulate the glow of those wonderful tubes by adding lighting against the back wall.
Yep, there’s nothing like sippin a little vino while listening to Dean sing me into a nostalgic bliss.


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