Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I’m Going to Try Not to Bend Over, So My Skin Won’t Fall!!!!!

mirrormirroronthewallpleasedon'tletmyskinfallThis has been the best weekend ever for those of us with that yard sale monkey, that continues to ride our ass.
Here in our neck of the north wood, we have a local town that blocks it’s street from end to end in hopes of encouraging flea market madness to the extreme. It’s so much fun to bargain hunt while wiping the sweat off your brow in 90 degree heat.
You for sure see all walks of life, some of them with four legged friends in tow. That part I really don’t quite get. I go to find great junk, get my best bargain on and socialize a little. The last thing I want to deal with is having to watch my step, while avoiding another persons “poopie’s”, poopy!!!!
But at the end of the day, we managed to avoid the poop and come home with major scores on some way cool stuff.
I really do feel like a rich woman, just masquerading as a poor one. I love most things old and unique (cuz at this point that pretty much describes me and all those around me).
My favorite find this weekend was actually on the way home from our junk patrol excursion. My darling spouse Gary, my dear friend little Shirley and myself stumbled upon a great estate sale. The man putting on the sale was a wealth of knowledge in regards to picking, refinishing and selling. I really enjoyed listening to him and found the most marvelous old mirror amongst all his treasure on display. After some negotiation, He agreed to go down in his asking price.
After scoring my score on the huge oak with mahogany finish mirror, we returned home and I began the refurbish process that I love almost as much as the hunt. It was so much fun to work at my husbands side, choosing some accent hardware for our treasure. He attached some sweet new baubles to each side and I began the finish and polish process.
Now this is one massive vintage mirror I’m talking. It measures in at 32 x 26 and weighed almost 20lbs. Because of her height and weight I named her Bertha and she had to be laid out flat in order to complete the restoration.
It would have gone smoothly except for I kept having a horrifying “Golden Girls” flashback come to mind as I bent over “full body” to clean the big girl up. I remember that show when Blanche warned I think it was Dorothy to avoid at all cost bending over any and every mirror.
Blanche was right. No woman should ever, under any circumstance and not even for a million bucks, bend over any mirror, not to mention and almost full length one.
I’m gonna admit right here and now, I think I’m a pretty cute little 57yr old spitfire. But when I got a glimpse of myself, bent over in that mirror any and all confidence (or denial) went right out the freakin window. I saw parts of myself (that I didn’t know I had) hanging in places (that again I didn’t know I had) I saw wrinkled skin that I didn’t know could wrinkle!!!!! It was a real eye opener and I begged my husband to protect himself and our love life and step away from the mirror.
Thank God he does heed my warnings on occasion and that I’m still able to go into self-protective denial on a moments notice when need be.
So now once again it’s all-good in this yard sale madness kind of hood and for awhile atleast I’m pickin anything and everthing but that with a reflective nature.


2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I’m Going to Try Not to Bend Over, So My Skin Won’t Fall!!!!!

  1. Ah, Just realized I missed my favorite stop at the sale. The one that sells the Costco cast offs. Have gotten some great finds there in the past. Of course I say that as I stare at the piles of “stuff” I need to get rid of. Thinking you should come check out my “treasures” and it would save me from having to have a yard sale. 🙂

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