Ripping The Yard Sale Monkey Off My Back (is leaving a real pain in my ass)


It’s an unfortunate necessity that I will soon be forced to rip that “yard sale” monkey off my back (like it or not) and that’s gonna make for a real pain in my ass.

Living way on up in the beautiful central most part of the great northwest comes with so many blessings. The air is clean and the sky blue. Rivers flow freely just to the side of non-congested freeways. The terrain is gorgeous and our area is really pushing the local wine (I like that) business and that makes for a real good time (I’ll raise my glass to that).

However, there’s always gotta be that stinkin ying to my yang. As they say what goes up must come down and for me the downer comes in the form of the four seasons. Don’t get me wrong, spring and fall are all right but that winter thing chafes my hide and chills my ass to no end.

The cold, dark, wet weather of winter puts a real damper on my warm, dry, sunshine yard sale madness. I really don’t like that much!!!!

After all I still have congested lungs from all the dust filled crap I’ve accumulated this summer. I need warm weather just to air myself out.

The paint under my fingernails from all the stripping, sanding and painting I’ve done, is not going back to work worthy and looks kind of gross to boot.

I still haven’t curbed my need to curb my addiction, when on the approach to a junk filled yard.

Not to mention I just got my grandkids trained to scream BINGO when they see a green or pink sign (illegally attached to a utility pole).

I’m feeling just a little “Debbie Downer” right now.

But I am determined to get my ass in gear and focus on the future. After all the “sun will come out tomorrow” and there will be still many more a yard sale I will get to haul my ass to yet!!!!


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