Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water (after they told you, please don’t pee in the pool)

Forgive me for the repost but I love this one.

This has been the summer of self discovery. First and foremost I discovered I had completely lost my groove. Sadly, I then discovered that I had been so worn down, worn out and worn through I didn’t even remember I had one. Through no ones fault but my own, my get up and go, had got up and left and with no forwarding address to boot.

None the less, just like Stella I did get my groove back. It wasn’t on an island paradise or tropical cruise that it was rediscovered. I regained my funk in the most unlikely place and with one of my favorite people. I found the groove I didn’t even know I had lost, yet still managed to miss.

It went something like this. My darlin little sisy took her (slightly older) sister to her favorite outdoor spa for a little R&R. I must interject now that one of the things I love most about my sisy is her total inhibition and ability to enjoy life. I am the overly cautious (again slightly older), uptight sister. Not to be redundant, but just to remind you I went on this little trip grooveless and wound tighter than a clock.

As my darling sister and I sauntered from one luxurious outdoor pool to another I found myself actually starting to truly relax. I hadn’t been silly in so long and it felt so good to laugh out loud. I could hear myself and I gotta say it was music to my tired ears. But,then it got even better. With a glass of red wine in hand, we sat together in one of the smaller pools. There we were just the two wild and crazy sisters without a care. It was like we were kids again (only with wine). It was great to feel so free and at that point I did what I NEVER in my life would have normally done. I like my little sisy had done on her 50th birthday did it, I pee’d in the pool!!!!! It was one of craziest things I have ever done, cause I really didn’t give a diddly, PIDDLY, doo what anyone else may think. If the water turned blue who the heck cared. That was the freeing part I didn’t worry about it, I just did it.

That simple, silly and maybe a little inappropriate act soothed my soul. At 56yrs old that pee became a right of passage for me. It allowed me to not only to retrieve my lost groove but to realize the importance of the fact I still have one!


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