“Kickin It Up” In The Family Dynamic

Just like in life, each of us in the family dynamic has a cross we bare.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve one sibling or ten; those who know you best are your biggest fans and sometime harshest critics.
You don’t get to practice how to be a sister or brother. Your just thrown into the mix and you better be strong enough to survive. Because at some point there will probably be punches thrown, tales tattled on and maybe a booger or two, wiped here or there with abandon.
There is no hiding from the kid who witnessed your terror of the “Wizard of Oz”, sucking your thumb and peeing your bed all in the same night.
These are the same people who loved you then (but of course made fun of you cuz you know you did the same to them) and adore you now.
That is what family is; we love each other enough to celebrate even the really stupid stuff and to laugh.
I love to laugh and I will say that is a gift my family shares and celebrates in each other. I am so grateful for that.

With all that said, the cross I bare within our family is that I’m known for my inability to take a good photo. I have always hated getting my picture taken. My jaw tightens to the point, of the look one gets when constipated (not that I’m admitting to constipation).
Also I have been rythmatically challenged since birth. I can’t even clap my hands in unison.
I tried out for choir 5 times before the choir director felt sorry for me and let me into the group but told me not to sing loud.
I convince myself when dancing that I dance so good it puts others to shame so I better hold back just a little (good Lord, what we must do just to con ourselves into submission).

My sister has told me for years, “Just dance Pam”.
Those three simple words are precious to me because only your family will laugh with you not just at you when you are on the dance floor kickin up your heels and getting your kind of scary funk on.

Just recently my little sisy and one of my younger brothers came up north to visit with their spouses. We had recently lost our mother and life has presented many a challenge for some in the family.

I watched my siblings, my children and my grandchildren interact and love with abandon and I praised God for allowing me the privalege to bare my cross proudly and be part of this crazy family. I so appreciate the ability I have to choose to celebrate, laugh and DANCE with those I love most.


4 thoughts on ““Kickin It Up” In The Family Dynamic

  1. We are so very blessed to have you at the head ( the oldest, hehehe ) of our loving clan. Thanks for “sharing” your love Xoxoxox
    Just missed the youngest of us being there.

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