“windows are not made for looking out but more for looking in.”


When I was a child I had my Dottie
She was my salvation. I loved her, I adored her and I miss her to this day.

Dorothy Kathryn Jenkins (Mobley) was my grandmother.
God really broke the mold with Dot. She was a light that shined beyond bright.

I’m not saying she was perfect.
Perfection is something I really don’t much admire in people.
It is their imperfection and how they wear it, I find fascinating.
For Dot her imperfect vanity is what I loved the most about her. None of her grandchildren were allowed to call her “granny”. She was way too young to be somebody’s grandma and she was a woman on the go, with places to be and people to see.

Dot would never be seen in public without getting her primp on and a liberal application of “Midnight in Paris” perfume was a must. I still remember that blue glass bottle sitting so pristinely on her bathroom vanity.
She rarely was not dressed to the nines, in pumps and with bangles and baubles to accessorize whatever her attire may be that day.

She was so wonderfully vain and eccentric. It was liberating, as a kid to see someone who just wasn’t capable of being anything but who they were. For me my Dottie’s love came through her freedom to be who she was.

She really was the greatest grandmother a kid could ever have. She cooked with love and made each and every meal for her grandchildren beyond special.
The preparation of any meal was painstaking. Dinnerware was not to include any plastic or paper. I know my sister and I both loved her china sugar bowl. She would be sure to clip fresh chives from the garden to be served over steaming hot potatoes wrapped in aluminum, fresh out of the oven and topped with a huge mound of sour cream.
Her devils food cake could have possibly started my lifelong addiction to chocolate (but it’s okay it was well worth it).

I used to love to walk with Dot for hours (and with her pumps on). I still remember the sound of gravel/asphalt rubbing up against those perfect pumps.
But nothing stopped Dot from a good long walk. She would make it an adventure.
I learned from the master that “windows are not made for looking out but more for looking in.” With that said while on our walk, we would peak in and critique every foo-foo and sometimes not so foo-foo home décor we could catch a glimpse at.
Dear Lord, if they did not keep a well-groomed garden area they could possibly be “a little trashy.”
Okay, I may have developed just a little bit of judgmental mentality at this time. But no harm done, because to this day I really do not understand why everybody doesn’t take more pride in his or her surroundings, (Thanks Dottie).

In short it was my grandmother Dot that I have always strove to be. She loved her husband, children and grandchildren with all she had.
Because of Dottie all I ever wanted to be in life was somebody’s grandma. For me that role far outweighs the importance of a career as a doctor, attorney, actor, writer, whatever it may be. I just wanted then and still do, to be grandma “gramcracker”.


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