Imagine the Possibilities


My imagination paints the picture that I long to see.
I love when young and old alike allow themselves the freedom to dream.
To me the best dreams come from an overzealous imagination.

“Imagine the possibilities”, I love those words and make every attempt to celebrate those I know and love who dare to imagine.

This is all a preface to a short (I think sweet) little story about my youngest grandson Liam. I’ve written before about Liam because he is a character in his own right, but also he is four years old. What a wonderful age. I am so grateful I get to hear, the more than occasional yarn that kid can spin.

Case in point, not too long ago Liam and I had a little Gramcracker (that’s me) grandkid bonding time.
It was a beautiful and hot summer day. Liam had a spare set of old keys PaPa had given him. He ran up and down the yard as if driving to and from work in his carpet cleaning van. His uncle and father own a carpet store where Liam and all the other kid’s spend quite a bit of time. Liam told me he was Uncle Glenn and his brother Marcos was his dad Caleb.
Liam stood in a corner of the yard and painstakingly mimicked his uncle locking up the store after a long days work. Liam then pretended to drive the van back over to me. He sat down, looked at me serious like and with total conviction in his four year old raspy voice (per previous post, Liam sounds like he has spent a little time in a smoke filled bar) he tells me he’s got to hurry home because his grandfather is watching his kids.
I went along with the tale and asked “Liam, how many kids do you have?”
“Four”, he said, “their names are Kelly and Justin Bieber and Grandma he farts a lot!”
I never did learn what his other kids names were. I started laughing so much it was a short story Liam got to share that day but you better believe I loved every little bit of it.


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