Pull Up A Chair and Sit Awhile

It was the curve of the line, sturdy build and worn out façade of this yard sale beauty that caught my eye. As it was cast off to the side, not even included with all the other trash/treasure offered up this fine Saturday morn, I knew it was meant to be mine if the price was right.

I moseyed up, kind of nonchalant like and with my best poker face on (per previous blogs I’ve already established I have NO poker face). Nonetheless I was there to do business and I was determined to convey I was a serious contender in the yard sale dance about to take place. Somehow I pulled it off, because the nice lady in charge agreed to lower her price and I left with chair in hand and feeling much the victor. In reality my victory probably had nothing to do with my nonchalant-ness and I’m pretty sure she mistook my poker face for the look one gets when constipated. But I didn’t care because I couldn’t wait to get “fanny” home and make her pretty again. In case I haven’t mentioned it before I name all my furniture that I think has some character to it. I like character anyway I can get it, hence the crazy need to name cool pieces of furniture.

After getting “fanny” home I knew it was going to take a little elbow grease and patience to get my treasure back to pretty. This is where I must interject that one of the most important reasons I started refurbishing the old and worn out (besides the fact that I can totally identify) is that I knew I would have to learn the one trait I have NEVER, EVER mastered and that is patience.

I am the least patient person I know. If you asked any one of my family or friends they would agree, to be sure. After you asked and they agreed I would probably ask you “what took so long for you to ask” and “couldn’t they have answered sooner”.” That’s just how I have always rolled.
I cannot stand to WAIT in any line for any reason! When the occasional grocery line horror happens and I have a coupon clipper in front of me I have to remind myself to breath. That is when I’m so grateful to have some trashy magazine in front of me to focus on. I can’t tell you how many times counting how many kids Brad and Angie have now, has saved my sanity.

I really do believe that “patience is it’s own reward” and I have always admired that trait in others. I watch those with patience and they seem so calm and able to enjoy the moment. The no rush, no fuss, we’ll get there when we get there philosophy just blows my mind. It blows my mind because I know that those with patience are not missing the moment, they are in the moment and that is where I want to be at this point in my more than middle aged life.

With that in mind I began my not so rushed process in restoring “fanny” to glory. I truly enjoyed sanding, cleaning, painting and maybe just a little of the upholstery. It took days not hours. But with each task came such gratification that I would not have if I had rushed through.
After completion I did just pull “fanny” on up, sit awhile and bask in the moment!!!!


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