I’m Jumping Into the Pool with My Smartphone In Hand

As the rest of the world has become immersed in the 21st century pool of technological paraphernalia, I’ve remained pretty darn reluctant to dip my tootsies into the water. For me the thought of owning a Smartphone was like jumping off the high dive into the depths of a non-chlorinated pool. I have been convinced that at my age and with no phone savvy, I was not capable of treading water long enough to dog paddle and then breast stroke my way to the safety of shallow water.

That is until I started observing other (slightly graying) peers, going at it with zeal on their phones. You just try carrying on a conversation with someone while they’re holding on for dear life to their phone(aka lifeline).
If your not holding and they are,they will try to text, check email and facebook while glancing up on occasion at your pathetic attempt for conversation.

It must have been all the rejection as of late or maybe just the kind of silly glazed look they get when ignoring me and in the phone zone. But I decided recently I was jumpin in the pool and going to learn to either sink or swim.

I will tell you now; I love my phone to the point of developing my own glazed look. Though I still do enjoy the occasional verbal interaction, I am now almost knee deep in the pool and my goal is to not only stay afloat but also enjoy the swim.


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