The Art of Imperfection

I wrote this way back in 2011.  I was then and unfortunately still am a bit of a reality show junkie.  While I am totally enthralled in what some strive to achieve in their own reality, I am at the same time horrified as to how some us see beauty.  I did not get it back in 2011 and still don’t get it today.  The following is my take on the beauty of imperfection and how for me it is a reality worth celebrating.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the beauty of imperfection.

It may be because I’m a reality show junky, that I have been bombarded with the idea as
to what some call “perfection”.  Or, maybe it’s just that I’m looking at more imperfect people trying very hard to keep up the appearance of perfection in non-reality.

I don’t get it!  Stop the madness! For my part in stopping the madness I have put together a few
thoughts to ponder.

There should be a law prohibiting anyone past the age of forty from EVER wearing hair extensions.  If you want to purchase a hair extension past the age of forty, be
prepared to provide your drivers license, Costco picture, blood test, birth
certificate and library card.  This would be a very harsh but necessary means to hopefully slap you back into reality, as only the picture on that darn drivers license can.

In regards to the lip thing, what can I say except that injecting your lips full of stuff is NUTS!
If you can no longer utter the phrase “The purple platypus’s play purposefully at a precious petunia filled park”, without feeling one lip touch the other, you need again to stop the madness!

What I’m trying to say is please let’s celebrate who we are, warts (icky) and all.

I speak now as one thin lipped, way over forty, graying beauty.  I love my imperfections and wear them proudly!  I don’t want to be what you want me to be.  I just want you to appreciate how perfect I wear my imperfection.

I kind of feel that way about everything in life.  I think too much time is taken away from appreciating the beauty and candor of imperfection because we all get too hung up thinking it all has to be perfect.

I poopoo that thought and encourage each and every one of us to realize the imperfect part of
life is the journey.  Don’t forget to enjoy the trip before you reach what may have never been meant to be your destination at all.


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