As Liam Sees It, Shares It and Grandma Gets to Love It

Spring has finally sprung in the great northwest. Winter is always too long, dark and cold for my liking.
For me spring is the much-anticipated prelude to my favorite season, SUMMER!!!!! I love summer. I long for it all year-long. I can’t wait to bask in the sun, work in the yard and create family memories.
Those memories most definitely include time spent with our darling, sometimes crazy and for sure funny (and I mean really funny) grandchildren.

It was not too far away and not too long ago that I was blessed with a grandkids’ perspective on my upcoming plans for summer fun and memories in the making.

I had just finished work for the day and asked daughter in law Kimmee, if I could spend some time with 3yr old Liam. Currently Kimmie is a student, a teacher, a mother and a wonderful spouse to my wonderful son Caleb. Needless to say this girl deserves a break on occasion and it didn’t take much to talk her into Liam taking off with Grandma.

Okay, with the kid picked up we were off to do several errands. Now, the deal is with the grandkids’ they get to be grandma’s secretary. They carry and answer my phone while I drive and while in Costco.  Also because those of us who carry AARP cards have been known to get home without our bread or milk on occasion, the grandkid is the grocery list taskmaster extraordinaire.  Most importantly though, the grandkids’ are to always remember where the heck I parked the car in the midst of parking lot chaos. I have no shame laying that burden on anyone of my grandchildrens’ small shoulders. They each take this responsibility very seriously. It’s funny how wandering about aimlessly in an overcrowded, hot parking lot with a sweaty and frantic grandma can make quite the impression on a small child.

Now, I must get back to Liam and more about this 3yr old charmer. He can be precocious at times. He’s very witty for a little kid and what makes his humor even funnier is his voice. Liam has been blessed with the deep and raspy voice of an old man who has spent way too much time in a smoke-filled bar. He also is 3yrs old and when your 3yrs old “Thank God”, you get to say it like you see it and I absolutely love that.
So, here we are driving between our many destinations and tasks. Grandma has James Taylor playing some sweet sounds for our listening pleasure and I decide it’s time to start getting this child as excited as I am about our upcoming summer vacation, yeah!!!!
I said to Liam, “I can’t wait to take you swimming this summer. We can go everyday to the pool.”
Liam asks in his raspy tone “is my mom going?”
“Well Liam, your mother is welcome to come but I don’t know for sure if she will.”
With almost a little disdain in his best Louis Armstrong voice Liam responds, “I’m not getting in the pool!”
“But Liam, grandma will get in the pool. I’ll swim with you.”
This is when my darling little fella let me know with total conviction, “well then, your gonna have to go buy a brand new,great big, old grandma bathing suit!”
I laughed so hard that I would have pee’d (had I not been exercising to Pilates with fervor and to keep those muscles strong, cause I’m old).
Liam, seemed somewhat taken aback and asked innocently “grandma, did I make a joke?”
“Why, yes Liam, grandma chooses to think that was a funny joke.”
“Can, I tell it again grandma?”
“Please do Liam.”
So, there it begins a future summer memory as Liam see it, shares it and grandma gets to love it.


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