Blazin Summer Eagle Repost From A Long Awaited for Spring Thaw



It’ now just on really hot summer past the previous spring,  I just wanted to repost once again how what special medicine that EAGLES tour is to out tired soul that needs to provodee



With the promise of spring the warm sunshine glistens off the still frozen ground.   As the outside world begins to thaw so does my spirit.  I start to feel the welcome restless spirit of youth that I’m still not too old to forget.

A co-worker had lent me the Farewell Eagles Tour dvd.  With each blessed tune I allow myself to regress back to the 70′s and blessed memories of people, places and times I will forever cherish.

I remember when most of the men I knew still had hair, I had a neck and when I waved at you my lower arm didn’t wave back.

I also remember when:

Not only the Eagles but  The Doobie Brothers, Black Oak Arkansas, Bob Seger and Steve Miller ruled the airwaves and the 8 track tape player.

“Bitchin” was a really good thing and  you couldn’t “hack it” without your really “far out” whatever it is you couldn’t live without at the time.

Mike and I hitchhiked to Newport Beach and caught a ride with a disk jockey who went by “Peyote Pete”, good times!!!!

In the early 70′s it was mocassin shoes and hip huggers that were the attire of choice for any self respecting teenage girl.  I can remember shuffling from class to class in those mocassin’s.  I don’t think I actually lifted a foot off the ground for an entire school year.

Lot’s of guys were then sporting those ever so attractive striped bell bottom drawers.  In retrospect I must admit that one style was better left in the 70′s.

I bet a lot of receding hairlines today would love to go back to the long locks of yesteryear.  To this day I can’t resist admiring a long haired man.  However, that doesn’t include the balding on top but one thin pony tailed look in back.  That is just WRONG!

Thanks for the memories Eagles, for me you continue to soar.


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