Bitch Slapped, Right Back Into Reality

As a still vibrant on the inside and used to be cute on the outside, 56yr old woman I just gotta say growing older aint for no stinking sisy’s.

Each and every birthday has been a celebration  of life for me.  I am grateful to be older, (debatable as to any wiser.)  After all I  have soooo many more life experiences I get to share (whether they like it or not), with my family and friends.
So, why in the heck does this neck of mine betray me at the supposed to be precious “kodak” moments. 
Why am I developing and oversensitive fear that I may actually have to acknowledge someone, with the now tsunami porportioned “wave” capability of my lower arm? 
 Again at 56, I want so badly to say hidy-ho to all my wonderful friends when we meet up at the movie theatre and claim our senior citizen discount. 
But at the same time I avoid at all costs raising the arm that when in “wave” motion has the potential to “bitch slap” us all right back into our senior reality, like it or not!!!!

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