Please Don’t Pee In The Pool!!!!

We have a VERY large family here in “LaLa Land”.  Just recently Glenn turned 37, Maddie 13, Lil Robert 20, Liam 2. Gavin 6 and Aunt Janet “Sisy” 53 years old today.  Holy Macaroni, that is a lot of celebrating going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  More fun, more stories, more pictures (though there is always a certain amount of whining involved).  Thank you Father for one more year of love to share.

Because she is the eldest and a matriarch at this point (short for she’s getting up there), I thought I would share one of my favorite birthday stories for my little sisy Janet.

When Janet turned 50, it was of course a REALLY big deal and by golly she deserved to and was gonna be celebrated full-bore!!!!!!!!!!!  One of my brother’s  Mike and his dear wife Darlene drove to Ca. from Az.  Another brother Dan the Man was there with his cutie patootie daughter Ciarra.  Myself and my darling spouse Gary flew down from Wa. state.  Aunt Katie and Uncle Jerry were there also.  Janet’s daughter Bria, her son Cody and his beautiful wife Danielle showed to pay homage to and love on the birthday girl “aka old lady.”

The time when we all met up for her birthday dinner, was so celebratory for my sisy and I knew it meant alot to her.

For me it will be a memory I will treasure forever!!!!  Again, thank you Father!!!!

BUT, the best part of the whole birthday 3 day event, the part that epitomized my little sisy to her core, was the pre party bash.

Just she and me, sisters galore and to their core!  Before the dinner with all the family, Janet and I went for her annual birthday pampering at the wonderful spa in southern Ca. Glen Ivy (google it).  It was wonderful, We basked in the sun, mud bathed, salt bathed and just plain old RELAXED, like you wouldn’t believe.  I recommend highly this experience!!!!!

It was wonderful.  I was so at ease, almost uninhibited, but not quite.

One of the activities at this fantastical spa includes water aerobics.  My beautiful sister and I jumped in the pool, eager to join in as the instructor did her drill sergeant best to aerobicise us into shape.  I was really proud of the two of us boppin up, down and around, all without drowning!  While having so much fun I was still very aware of those around me and tried hard to not invade another’s splash filled space.

This is where it gets good and where I confess what I love most about my little sisy is her ability to be herself.

I was relaxed but still tryin to keep up the appearance of “I’m not really drowning”, while exercising routine.

I looked over at my sisy and she say’s non chalantly “I gotta PEE.”  I was okay with that.  After all she is the birthday girl.  Go ahead sister sashay over to the potty, do your business and then rejoin your older sister as she avoids drowning, while trying to look like water aerobics come natural to her.

Because I was soooo into the routine and staying afloat I momentarily lost track of anything other than keeping my head above water.  As I wiped chlorine filled (there is a reason for that chlorine) water from my eye, I realized my sister was still right next to me and hadn’t left my side.  I asked innocently “I thought you had to PEE?”

She answered as only a beautiful, vibrant and totally emancipated 50yr old could “I DID.”


3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Pee In The Pool!!!!

  1. I am so glad that you get me!!!!! One of my more liberating moments for sure and don’t you know that it still cracks me up. I am free, yes I am free……thanks for joining me in the ride of life. xo

  2. Ahahhahaha, you two are hilarious! We started out peeing where ever we felt the urge and at last, we can return to complete the “circle of life”. Like they say, “from diapers to depends”. By our age we have learned to live simply and simply live! Ahhhhh, ohhhhhhh the freedom…to pee where we are planted.

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