High School Graduation from a Grandma Perspective

As I age, I find myself getting ever more grateful for the privilege of getting one more memory created with those I adore.

One more story to share with my spouse and  fun-loving kids.

One more smile to witness from my beautiful grandchildren.

One more picture to take, with protests galore!!!!!!!!!!!

What I’m getting at, is that today our grandson Michael Marcello Omar graduated from high school

A mist all the pomp and circumstance I caught myself celebrating Mike for the child he was, who he is now and the man he will become (geez, that’s exhausting even for me.)

When he was a little fella, I knew this was one kid who was gonna question it all.  He is quiet in nature but loud in thought.   I respect how he has owned his growing pains.  I respect the young man he is and the man I know he will be.

Simply put, I adore him.  He is who he is!  He is  also those who came before him and live on through him.  Today in his celebration I very much was aware of those lost temporarily but will never be forgotten, Grandpa Mike, Grandma Kathryn, Papa Marcello, Papa Omar, Glenn the first, Grandpa Manual, Grandma Eleanor, Spookey, Dot, Papa and Uncle Bill.

Congratulations Mikey.  My gift to you is to never forget who you are or where you came from.

Love and God Bless

Grandma “GramCracker”


2 thoughts on “High School Graduation from a Grandma Perspective

  1. Congratulations Michael on graduating. And Pam”Gramcracker” You my gal are an excellent write and I enjoy reading all that you write!

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