In honor of Memorial Day , I’m reposting my husband’s wonderful poem.

“Old Glory?”

The time was when the mere sight of you

With your white stars on field of blue

And your thirteen stripes of red and white

Would make men stand tall and do what’s right.

Brave men have bled and died to win you a place

On a thousand hills, to bring freedom to every race

You inspired many a heart to burst forth in song

As you marked the triumph of right over wrong.

As I bring you down from your place of display

While the sun is setting on still another day

Things seem different now than they were then

Few will stand and be counted as your friend.

You have been torn, desecrated, and even burned

By those who for freedom have never yearned

They take their freedom for granted every day

They say, “No one could possibly take it away.”

Can we not see you for what you really are?

You represent not what we have, but what we are.

You are not a piece of cloth hanging on a pole.

You represent our people, spirit, body and soul.

You now have no glory of your own to see.

Nor have you ever had, it seems to me.

You are but a mirror reflecting the pride

The people of the nation possess inside.

If we cannot look on you and feel the pride,

Maybe it’s time we took a good look inside.

To make sure we are the best that we can be and that we live as if we deserve to be free.

Then as we look on you, your glory to behold.

We will not see a glory from days of old

But a reflection of ourselves is what we’ll see

Doing right, living as if we deserve to be free.

Gary Mellick 1992


One thought on ““OLD GLORY?”

  1. This is just beautiful. “Old Glory” means so much more than meets our eyes! Thank you Gary for your keen insight into our Nation’s flag and what it means to you…and many more. God has blessed our great country!

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