I have determined exercise is much like the pain of childbirth.  We soon forget that we are going to most definitely go through some major ouweys and focus instead on the much-anticipated results.

I have come to this conclusion whilst laying in a very hot tub trying in vain to soak the aches away.  I wonder how long it will be before I forget, that today I could barely lower myself onto a toilet without screaming out in high octave yelp.  Good Lord, even my hair hurts!

My daughter tried to warn me yesterday that the workout class she was taking me to was really intense.  Because there is no fool, like and old one I took that as a challenge to my aging baby boomer ego.

She was most definitely right on to warn me, because it was a major booty kicker.  As we sweated, grunted and groaned in front of each other I was trying to hang onto my dignity, not pee my pants and wipe sweat out of my eyes, all at the same time.  I may suck at bench presses but I’m one mean multi-tasker!  When I was able to glance up I could see ladies who actually seemed to enjoy watching this fiasco in the mirror.  These women seemed at one with the vision.  I could not relate at all to that and I knew my beautiful  daughter, her dear friend and I were at war with that stinkin exercise routine.  We would be victorious, even if we limped out of there and it did almost come to that.

I must say though there was a very nice young man who instructed the class and he did a great job.  There were a couple of times when I thanked him, those were the times I thought his reign of terror had come to an end.  I was wrong, it continued and my daughters friend mocked me and said sweetly “Thank you sir, may I have another.”


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