Remember Me

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration.

Christmas is a time when each and every joyful moment today becomes a treasured memory for tomorrow.

Christmas is a time to remember those we have lost (temporarily) and miss so very much.  I wrote this poem to honor those lost and to comfort those who have lost.

Remember me

I’m right there in your smile. I’m tucked into that place made special in your heart, just for me. At times when the memories may turn bittersweet, I’m there in even the salty sting of tears. I will never leave. The bond of love is never broken.  It is now your protector and will see you through the pain.

Remember me

Share me through memory. It is the duty of those left behind to ensure our memories are not forgotten. With every story told, you help continue my legacy of love.

Remember me

I adored you in life and will be waiting for you after life. This is just a brief interruption in our journey. Now you have some time to build upon our bond and create new memories that I can’t wait to hear about when next we meet.

Love and God Bless


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