Purpose filled PRAISE



Throughout my life I have searched for purpose.  I have asked for some time in my prayers “what is it Father, you want me to do?  What is my purpose?”

The answer has seemed to allude me for many years and there has been times when I have thought I may never know what it is he wants of me.  Keeping the faith through good times and bad has not always been the easiest thing and I have struggled.  But praise God he has blessed me with a faithful little sisylala who has been there to share her faith when I struggle with mine.  It was because of my sisy’s prayers I believe, I came to accept my sweet Jesus.   As I write I think of her and I will eternally be grateful for those prayers.

Today I found my purpose.  Tears of joy flow down my face because God has remained so faithful.  My prayer has been answered and I praise him with all I am.
Today, I no longer wait.
Today, I opened within me my gift.
Today, I accept the answer God has had for me.
Today, I envision the woman grasping with the utmost faith as Jesus made his way through the crowd.
Today, with arms raised and heart full, I PRAISE my sweet Jesus, my Lord and my Savior.
Today and forevermore I PRAISE him.  Through the dark I know he is the one and only light.

3 thoughts on “Purpose filled PRAISE

  1. While yesterday is history and tomorrow a mystery
    Today is a gift and that is why it’s called “the present”…Thank God for today!

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