If I were In Charge – (Handcrafted Jewelry)

The Color of Royalty

The Color of Royalty

Flower Power!!!!

Flower Power!!!!

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

Just like summer, here in the northwest I’m just getting warmed up!  I’ve been a busy little La-La turning up the heat and creating many new pieces of jewelry.  The four pieces I have pictured are made with either silver or copper.  The beads are glass and a beautiful peace of sea glass on the necklace.  Because I’ve been a busy bee, I haven’t had much time to write.  So, please indulge me with a repeat of one of my favorites.  I hope you like not only the jewelry but also the following essay written sometime ago.


Three out of the four seasons would be summer.  Spring would be allowed only because it works its way into summer.

The workweek would consist of Monday, Friday, Wed, Friday to be followed up with Friday of course!

No one would be allowed in Costco wearing a blue tooth.

You could still buy a Look candy bar for a nickel.

Prayer would not only be allowed in school, it would be a course of study.

Every city would have at least one drive-in movie with a concession stand fully stocked with bon-bons and popcorn drenched in so much butter “you could shake a stick at it”.  (By the way, if I was in charge you’d have to laugh now, cause that’s some funny stuff.)

I could always find my car in a crowded parking lot.

There would be more ice cream trucks to chase down.

I’ll end here.  But this is just a taste of what you could expect if I were in charge.  Thank goodness I’m not!

Silver Drop Delight

Silver Drop Delight


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