You spin it your way and I’ll spin it mine

Wild Child Sunflower Pin

Wild Child Sunflower Pin

As of late it’s been kind of a wild ride in La-La land. There has been some
loss and the sadness that comes with it. I have felt so much like a participant
in the reality of having to say good-bye and at the same time I’m an observer
as to how we each cope so differently with the process of grieve. At this point
my own feelings are much confused and I struggle to let go. I know in my heart
love is ongoing and we meet again. But for now I feel somewhat like an
emotional roller coaster and the peace I get is through my faith and the solace
of memories.

With that said, this evening I had a chance to remember my father. The
memory came in the form of a certain trait that I realize now he pretty well epitomized.
My father was the king of shock, he loved it and sometimes it was really funny.
Sometimes not so much! But this evening I heard my husband sharing a story with
my grandchildren that reminded me so much of Dad and I when I listened to my
grandchildren howl with laughter I wanted so badly to share that silly story. I
think my Dad would have loved it. I know I did. I encourage you to let yourself
be 5 maybe 7 years old for just a moment and listen intently to your Grandpa
tells you a story you’ve  heard maybe a little differently a time or two before.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived with her mommy and daddy.
This little girl had a grandma who she loved very much. Grandma had not been
feeling well as of late. Grandma didn’t live so far off that the little girl
couldn’t walk there but then again not just next door either.

The little girl and her mother wanted so much to help grandma get better
soon. So they prepared the most wonderful basket of food. They had delicately
cut the turkey, cheese and bacon sandwiches. There was homemade chicken soup,
hot apple cider and cookies with chocolate morsels melted within a homemade
batter that surpassed anything purchased in the market.

After painstaking food preparation the little girl wrapped herself in her cloak of red
and started out for the journey to grandma’s home. Her mother reminded her
“don’t talk to stranger’s” and she was off.

Not long into her journey the girl with the red cloak “Little Red
Riding Hood” felt an uneasiness as if someone was following her. She looked
about and saw a certain wolf lingering and crouching behind a rock.  He had a menacing look about him.  She remembered her mother’s words and
scurried off.

Further down the road she happened again upon the same scary creature. He
looked as is he was up to no good to be sure. He was bent as if hiding behind a
small group of bushes. Mother’s words rang loudly in her ears and she ran as fast as
her feet would carry her and as far away as she could get.

Sometime later Little Red Riding Hood knew she was so close to her
destination. She couldn’t wait to nourish her beloved grandma back to health with
the basket of  goodies. To her dismay though, there he lurked again.  He was slouched down and
off to the side of a small out building. She had enough of this constant and frightening presense following her every move and shouted out to him
“why don’t you just go away and leave me alone” then to her surprise
that slouched down, filthy beast blurted out ” hey, do you mind I’m trying
to take a poop here!”

That’s the version I think Dad would have like.  I know my grandson’s did and me too!!!!!



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