“Life’s A Banquet and Most Poor Suckers Are Starving To Death”

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Friday evening and all is well. God is so good and life is sweet. It has been a busy week to be sure, one with very little a dull moment.
With all the hustle and bustle, I for one can sometimes go from busy to chaos to stress in a heartbeat. So please allow me a moment to stop, take a deep breath and give God thanks for the gift of faith, hope when I think there is none, tenacity when I need it most and humor when my funny bone is feeling a little arthritic.

Nobody ever said life was easy. It’s full of ups and downs and all arounds. I will never forget watching the play made into the movie Auntie Mame. Rosalind Russell as Mame said “Yes! Live! Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!” Lord how I love that quote!
With that little bit of nostalgia, that may mean nothing to anyone but me, I feel a funny coming on. This funny kind of pulled me back to reality (which BITES) and reminded me that life really is a banquet and it is up to me to starve or belly up to the salad/dessert bar and allow myself to take a really big juicy and delicious BITE out of life. I choose the latter. Here goes!

Recently I had the pleasure to be in the company of some lovely women, just a chatting up a storm. The topic ranged from horticulture to broken bones and how to avoid them! In betwixt the mix one of the ladies mentioned her mother who in her 60’s, had without permission dared to go camping all on her own. I didn’t get it. Mom wasn’t 110 yrs old she was 60. I was taken aback as to why that was an issue. At that point I mentioned that at my age (I didn’t tell them I just turned 55) 60 was not that far off and let’s not forget “I am woman hear me roar”. It was then one of the ladies turned on me and asked, “So what side of 60 are you on?” I graciously answered with false confidence as I later discovered, “five years”. Things got bad then (at least for me). With the reflexes of a very silly youngster (cause us old folks have really good long term memory), the young woman said “so your 65?”

Keep on laughing


7 thoughts on ““Life’s A Banquet and Most Poor Suckers Are Starving To Death”

  1. Good grief…the nerve of her! Just when we started feeling okay with being 55, someone has to remind us that it could be worse! Tooooo funny Pam!

  2. Charma,

    I really don’t mind the 65 thing except for the fact she aged me 10 years and I had a really hard time trying to hold back my neck and tears at the same time!!!!

  3. Can you tell me why your blog post only loading part way and then not going any further? I’ve tried reloading the page several times however I’m still unable to read the whole post. SwOu71er.

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