Cabin Fever/Spring Fever and Memory-itus to Boot

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First of all I will foreworn you that today’s blog is pretty much all over the place. I’ve got a full blown case of cabin fever with serious spring fever symptoms as well. As the snow melts around the northwest my thoughts and memories spill out all over the page. Let the spring-cleaning begin.
As the days are just starting to get a wee bit longer and the weather just a wee bit warmer, I find myself in total “almost spring” twitterpation. With green grass, blue sky, sunshine and NO SNOW I can feel myself taking in a huge breath of healing air.
Throughout the winter I tend to get a little hitch in my giddy-up. But with just a hint of soon to be spring comes a little spring to my step. I am sooooo ready to bust out of this joint and into the out of doors.
I grew up in Southern California and spent the majority of my youth outside. Therefore most of my memories revolve around the outdoors. Some of my fondest memories include time spent outside with my maternal grandparents Papa and Dot. Papa was the gentlest soul I think I have ever met. He loved his garden and spent many an hour tending to his meticulous masterpiece of vegetation. He always seemed so strong to me in his quiet demeanor. I always felt safe with my Papa and miss him terrible to this day.
Dottie Potty on the other hand was the star of the show. She was no shrinking violet to be sure. But rather a force to be rekoned with and she was absolute class with feet. All her grandchildren were instructed to call her Dot because she was too young to be called grandma. This is so funny to me because she was the greatest grandmother a child could ever hope to have. I adored her to be sure.
Some time ago I wrote a poem for my Dottie. It went something like this;

I Remember

I remember you were always impeccably groomed. From your perfectly coifed hair to your dress of choice, with pumps to match.

I remember walking mile after mile, checking out every house or business we passed. If curtains were left open that meant it was fair game to critique the décor. After all windows are made for looking in as well as looking out.

I remember your beautiful pink carnations you grew with so much care. They would make for a wonderful centerpiece at the dinner table.

I remember you clipping fresh chives from Papa’s garden to be served over steaming hot potatoes (in foil and from the oven, no ridiculous microwave) with butter and sour cream.

I remember the cookie tin you kept next to the sink in the second drawer down. That tin was never, ever empty!

I remember spending hour upon hour going through each and every piece of jewelry you had in your “treasure chest” of a jewelry box. I loved it and to this day my own grandchildren do the same.

I remember Coty perfumed powder in and opaque glass container you kept on the bathroom counter and dusted with daily. When I was given that same powder many years later I would break it out for the grandchildren to take a whiff of magic.

I remember Midnight in Paris perfume packaged in exquisite blue glass.

I remember you cooked like nobody’s business and your cakes looked as delicious as they tasted.

I remember when Papa one time was being funny and called you a broad. Well it was funny to us but now that I think about it I don’t think you laughed. But, in reality Dottie you really were the greatest of broads!

Thanks for you all for letting me springforth with my memories galore


4 thoughts on “Cabin Fever/Spring Fever and Memory-itus to Boot

  1. Ahhhhhhhhh this is so sweet…your memories of your grandparents. I have similar memories of my favorite grammy too. And yes, Spring is in the air and I love it! Keep writing Pam. You surely have a knack for putting your thoughts and feelings into words for all of us to appreciate. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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