Holiday Jam in La-La Land

It’s time I come clean this holiday season and admit to a harsh truth; I am a tone-deaf want to be singer. It is a cross I have bore for as long as I can remember.
Actually, now that I think about it I tried out for choir five times before the music teacher finally wore down and allowed me to wear the school choir robe. To his dismay, I’m sure, because I distinctly remember him asking me to sing quietly, very quietly!
Needless to say it takes a lot to deter me so all through these many years I have continued to warble out many a tune. Though usually I do so while gardening, driving or piddling around in my own space.
But this holiday season I have found myself unable to control the need to belt out my Christmas spirit with little regard for my fellow man, woman or child. I have actually convinced myself more than once recently that the way I carry a Christmas tune, is so inspirational my coworkers moved more quickly as they performed throughout their workday. Upon further reflection I think maybe they were moving more quickly toward the door and away from the middle-age elf in denial.
For whatever reason I have not been able to stop or restrain myself from fa-la-la-la-la-ing all over the place. When my husband asked me to “please turn the radio on” while I was totally jamming occapela to jingle bells, that only inspired me to subject him to more of my holiday spirit!
So, while I may be coming clean with my tone-deaf madness. Throughout this holiday season I will continue to sing loud and proud for those of us rythmatically challenged but spirit endowed.

Merry Christmas


5 thoughts on “Holiday Jam in La-La Land

  1. You need to do what feels right to be in the Xmas spirit. I find myself at work humming or whisling Xmas songs. So sing if you enjoy. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  2. You and Uncle Jerry share the same singing handicap!! Even in grammer school the teacher asked him to step aside and just listen. He really can’t carry a note!! Maybe chanting could suffice…?
    Merry Christmas and have a great New Year..

  3. Sing your heart out gal! It’s good for you and it gives others a chance to laugh…or cry, depending on their own perception of your singing. Besides, you can just tell them to join you if they think they can sing any better…or louder. Singing is the one thing that is still free in our world…and so is laughing. I vote…sing on…

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