God Bless Us Everyone!

Winter is not my favorite time of year. But Christmas is all about my sweet Jesus and that brings out the best in even this summer time gal. So this Christmas I am making it my mission to share JOY (my eldest daughters name) with all I encounter (whether they like it or not.)
There has been so much to be thankful for in SisyLaLa land this year. Miracles past, present and future continue to abound. Love is flourishing here, there and everywhere. Sometimes though it takes a little extra patience, or just a different viewpoint to see what has been there all along but not seen at first glance. Therefore, I encourage us to search for the JOY in past, present or future and share it with all we got.
I’ll start with Christmas present that evokes a Christmas past and hopefully Christmas future memory. This evening our eldest grandaughter Sadi, came to spend the night with PaPa and Grandma in SisyLaLa land. We worked on Christmas cards (although now they were done via internet) and then I tortured my dear grandaughter by making her guess what she may be getting for Christmas. I have been told by my adult children they are traumitzed by my hint dropping at Christmas time. I try to explain to them I can’t help it. I tell them I am a hint-aholic that gets a rush I just gotta have at this time of year. I believe totally in shaking, poking and hinting like crazy as to what could be in those glorious gifts. In fact I consider myself a professional gift sniff-er-outer (technical term) and I just gotta share my gift!!!!
Sadi fell asleep in front of the Christmas tree after hot chocolate and a prayer of thanks with her truly grateful grandma.
I can remember many a winter evening in my youth getting lost in the colors put forth by the rotation of the colored wheel placed stratigically in front of our aluminum Christmas tree. I still miss that colored wheel and I even miss that aluminum tree. Growing up in southern California there were only two trees I knew of palm and aluminum!


One thought on “God Bless Us Everyone!

  1. You are such a gifted writer. You should really think about penning a book. You have so many experiences of which to draw from and I would be the first in line. I love the person you have become and the person you are yet to be. Tell the Sadi she is a “joy”. I see red and green and blue and yeller. MEMORIES!!!!

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