OOOOhhhh “La-La”

Family,Love,Courage,Kindness, Humor- keep those things close to heart

La-La has decided today to give a little celebratory shout out to her little Sisy and spouse of 30yrs!  So, OOOOhhhh La-La to you two crazy kids.

Seems like just yesterday, my daughter Joy and I were a part of your wedding party.  Pardon me while I flashback briefly:

1980, the beginning of not only a beautiful and blessed union, but also there was some really big hair coming our way. 

There was Joan Jett and The Blackhearts singing “I Love Rock N Roll”.  Cindi Lauper reminded us “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, but we already knew that.
In 1980 many wanted to know, who shot J.R.?  But, many more of us mourned the loss of John Lennon. 

1980 was also the year Mount Saint Helen popped her top.  Here in Yakima Washington, there was a day of darkness. This was to be followed with many more days digging through piles of ash.

Because I have the attention span of a gnat, we kept the journey down the long and winding memory lane brief. 

Thank you though for indulging me and Happy Anniversary!



4 thoughts on “OOOOhhhh “La-La”

  1. You are such a special person in my life. You always give me so much attention and credit. I love you and just love your new creations…by the way, God created the most beautiful “jewell” when he designed you. xosisy

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