“Old Glory?”

Copper and Black Pearl

From small black pearls to large textured and domed cross this piece contadricted itself so much I just love it

Freshwater Pearl with Goldtone Pendant has earrings to match the Pendant

Black Onyx with Coral and Black Onyx Pendant this was "Just for Sisy"

It’s been a busy weekend here in “LaLa” land.  I am not complaining by a long shot.  On the contrary it has been a wonderful kind of busy and SisyLaLa is very grateful to be sure.  

There are pictures included of recently completed pieces in addition to an oldie but a goodie, made long ago especially for my little Sisy.   You can always check us out at www.etsy.com/shop/sisylala.

Also, and probably most importantly I am including the poem “Old Glory”.  My talented husband wrote this some time ago.  I had posted it in July but in memory of those lost Sept. 11 2001 I wanted to repost.  

                                                             “Old Glory?” 

The time was when the mere sight of you 

With your white stars on field of blue 

And your thirteen stripes of red and white 

Would make men stand tall and do what’s right. 

Brave men have bled and died to win you a place 

On a thousand hills, to bring freedom to every race 

You inspired many a heart to burst forth in song 

As you marked the triumph of right over wrong. 

As I bring you down from your place of display 

While the sun is setting on still another day 

Things seem different now than they were then 

Few will stand and be counted as your friend. 

You have been torn, desecrated, and even burned 

By those who for freedom have never yearned 

They take their freedom for granted every day 

They say, “No one could possibly take it away.” 

Can we not see you for what you really are? 

You represent not what we have, but what we are. 

You are not a piece of cloth hanging on a pole. 

You represent our people, spirit, body and soul. 

You now have no glory of your own to see. 

Nor have you ever had, it seems to me. 

You are but a mirror reflecting the pride 

The people of the nation possess inside. 

If we cannot look on you and feel the pride, 

Maybe it’s time we took a good look inside. 

To make sure we are the best that we can be
and that we live as if we deserve to be free. 

Then as we look on you, your glory to behold. 

We will not see a glory from days of old 

But a reflection of ourselves is what we’ll see 

Doing right, living as if we deserve to be free. 

Gary Mellick 1992 

SisyLaLa’s “old man” 


3 thoughts on ““Old Glory?”

  1. Wow this “Old Glory” is as touching as it is beautiful. Gary is super talented with his words as you are Pam! Has Gary published this poem? It is surely worthy of a LOT of attention. And Pam, I love your blogs and pictures of the jewelry you create. Do you ever go to craft shows to sell your one of a kind creations? Would be lots of fun to interact with other creative folks. I have often daydreamed about having a motor home and trailer pulled behind in which I travel from craft show to craft fairs, selling my own crafts. And while traveling and waiting for customers…I just create the crafts I love. Sounds like a dream to me…

    • Thank you Charma,

      Gary’s poem was published back in the 90’s in our local paper. I am so proud of him. He is a very talented man.
      I am considering the craft show thing.
      I think you should go on the road as a motivational speake. I told you before you are a sage and in this sometimes dark world your bright light is much needed.

      Love ya and God Bless Mi Amiga

  2. OMGoodness! You never cease to amaze me. You have real talent in many fields. Keep up the writing as it is so entertaining and the jewelry is just so unique. Have you heard anything from Caroline? xo

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