If I Were In Charge

Freshwater Pearl and Turquoise Necklace 30.00


By the looks and feel of our weather here in inland Washington State I would have to say summer 2010 is on its way out.  Fall is lurking just around the corner, waiting to rain on my summertime parade.  There’s no changing it.   


Turquoise,Copper and Black Freshwater Pearl 30.00



Like it or not I might as well pull myself up by the goloshes, put my big girl thermal underwear on and just accept I’m not the one in charge.  If I were in charge, things would definitely be a little different. 

If I were in charge; 

Three out of the four seasons would be summer.  Spring would be allowed only because it works its way into summer. 

The workweek would consist of Monday, Friday, Wed, Friday to be followed up with Friday of course! 

No one would be allowed in Costco wearing a blue tooth. 

You could still buy a Look candy bar for a nickel. 

Prayer would not only be allowed in school, it would be a course of study. 

Every city would have at least one drive-in movie with a concession stand fully stocked with bon-bons and popcorn drenched in so much butter “you could shake a stick at it”.  (If I were in charge you’d be laughing now, cause that’s some funny stuff). 

I could always find my car in a crowded parking lot. 

There would be more ice cream trucks to chase down. 

I’ll end here.  But this is just a taste of what you could expect if I were in charge.  Thank goodness I’m not! 

One more thing, if I was in charge you’d check the Etsy site www.etsy.com/shop/sisylala




5 thoughts on “If I Were In Charge

  1. Hey Pam…I vote YOU to be “in charge”! And with your sense of humor, we would all be laughing…and happy for the simple things in life!

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