“LaLa” -T- Da!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply put this is too cute! For 15.00 wrap it on and style up.

You aint gonna find these at the department store. Priced at 18.00 you get to put your “shiny” on and a bargain to boot.

Alright, I admit it I’ve been just

a little busy making some new pieces.  So not much to say other than with the exception of “Dottie Collection” all can be seen and purchased through the etsty site www.etsy.com/shop/sisylala

Black Pearl with Faceted Black and Silver Pendant

Black Pearl with Faceted Black and Silver Pendant 20.00

Silver and Shell Earrings

Sometimes a girl's just gotta gold big and bold 18.00

They're unique, handcrafted and not to mention my very favorite 18.00

I don't care what anybody say's "there's no such thing as too gaudy" and for 15.00

Talk at ya later



4 thoughts on ““LaLa” -T- Da!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Pamelita,
    You sure make beautiful jewelry. Is there ever a way to order using my debit card off line, as I never do online money “things”. Just call me old fashioned. I especially like your wrap around bracelets. love………….

    • Thank you my favorite Auntie. In regards to ordering off line no problem just shoot me and email as to what you like, to make sure I have on hand –
      If I got it, you got it! No charge for shipping and you can just mail check. If there is a special color or style you are looking for I will see what I can come up with just for you.
      I too like the wrap around bracelets and wear pretty much daily. I didn’t use to wear bracelets because they were so difficult to get on with clasp. But that is no problemo with these.

      Love and God Bless

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