Isn’t She Lovely

Because I are one, I have always believed in the power of women.  I consider myself to be blessed with my gender and think women should not only support but also celebrate one another.  However as I have aged and my circle of acquaintances has grown I have been somewhat disappointed in how women sometimes view and treat each other.  Actually I have been shocked and dare I say quite taken aback by some less than supportive behaviors toward women, BY WOMEN?  I got to say whoa, let’s slow up and take a look around at some remarkable sister’s in our lives.  Let’s toot a horn or two for those ladies who work tirelessly, raise families, give to there communities and still volunteer their precious little time to causes they hold dear to their hearts.  I for one am so grateful to have such wonderful women in my life. 

This last week I even had the rare opportunity to spend time not only with my dear sisylala but my bestest friend from school days.  What a delight and what a couple of characters.  My sisylala is fooooofoooooo with feet.  She is all about accessorizing her surroundings with good taste, her own style and a sense of humor that borders on infectious.  I adore her.  My dear school chum is most assuredly one of a kind.  She has a spirit that can’t be bound and her light shines brighter than most.  Her bawdy sense of humor will make you smile from the inside out and she is wise beyond measure.  Even with the short amount of time spent  together I watched and listened to these two share who and what they are.  They shared with a love and kindness that we as women really do need to encourage in one another. 

Thank you lovely ladies!



2 thoughts on “Isn’t She Lovely

  1. It must have been like looking in a mirror, for what you described is what you are to me. Love you so and still learning from my “big sister”. xo

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