Friday – mania from a Yakamaniac!

"Keep the Faith" 25.00

"Keep the Faith" 25.00

Friday! Friday! – I’m lovin it – hope you all are too.

The work week is long and the weekend not long enough, so gonna enjoy each and every summertime moment and hope you do too.

Oh my goodness but it has been so beautiful here today in eastern Washington state. Summer has arrived in all her glory! I had to do a little preparation for some Sisylala yard sale mania. Then wound down a little with some gardening, to the delight of my green thumb!

What are you all up to this weekend? Are you in preparation for 4th of July fun in the sun? Well I certainly hope you are. Here at SisyLaLa we want to experience our own and encourage you to share you summertime “fun in the sun” memories.

Please send in your pictures and memories of summer 2010. SisyLaLa say’s to share is to care. I will make sure whatever you send in (as long as not porno) will be displayed nicely.


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