The Graduate!!!!!

The Graduate!!!!!

This past weekend our oldest grandson graduated from high school. What a trip that is! When you still feel (maybe 30, on a good day) yet have an 18 year old man as your eldest child’s, eldest child. It definitely makes you reflect.

As I watched him approach the podium I wanted time to stand still. I wanted to be able make the moment last as long as possible for us all. It was as if I had hit the replay button within my memory bank. His birth, first step, preschool, junior high and even his first stinkin pimple played on in my head. I went back to when his mom brought his dad into our home for the first time (I had tried to scare him off but thank goodness it didn’t work).

I wanted to celebrate what a wonderful young man he has become. He definitely is his own person and at the same time a culmination of those who have loved him so but have long since passed.

In this amazing young man I see Grandma Kathryn’s determination. He is as kind as his Papa Marcy. From Grandma Eleanor came “the eye of the tiger”. He’s almost as bodacious as his Grandpa Mike and that is saying a lot.

Thank you graduate for being my grandson!




2 thoughts on “Kum-bi-ya

  1. Yes it makes you feel older when you have a child, grandchild doing something like graduation or getting marring when you still think of them as little kids still it really makes you wake up and want to say stop you are not there yet

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