Where have all the bon-bons gone?????

"Paint Me In A Corner" 15.00

“Paint Me In A Corner” 15.00

With summer comin’ on, memories of a day gone by come flooding back.  I appreciate your letting me reminisce.

The days are getting longer, nights are getting warmer and summer is fast on the approach.  For some it’s winter, fall or spring that makes their heart sing.  For me the sweet smell of mosquito repellent and charcoal barbeque light my fire.  Summer isn’t near long enough to suit my fancy.  There is absolutely nothing that I enjoy more than sitting and basking in the warm sunshine.  I now do protect my skin and sun block is a must.  But back in the day cocoa butter was what I chose to baste myself in.  Sittin’ on a Southern California beach was my idea of heaven.  As a preteen I couldn’t wait to get old enough to apply a little zinc oxide on the old scnoz and hang ten (which I never did except on my skateboard).

When evening came and the warm day was replaced with a starry, starry night, it was a shift of gear and drive-in movie that was the entertainment of choice.  With speakers that attached to our hand operated car window and bon-bon’s in hand I knew even then, this was a time to be cherished and memory in the making.  The only negative to this otherwise wonderful experience would have been the feeling of terror, that came when you realized you didn’t remember the way back to the car from the refreshment stand.  It’s funny but whenever I come out of a grocery store now I get a serious feeling of dejavu.  The difference, now I have grandchildren and it’s  their  primary duty to remind grandma where we parked the car.




5 thoughts on “Where have all the bon-bons gone?????

  1. I love you message this time I also hung ten on my skateboard since living in Portland there wasnt alot of ocean could go to and we went to the Drive Inn once a month when I got older I would go by myself at least every other week I had fun

  2. You are an amazing Grandma, mom! And your oldest grandchild has his last day of high school tomorrow!!!

    K, so I bit it in Montana big time on lil Glen’s skate board but even better was when lil Rob rode his aunt Marci’s bike and was zooming down the street, then hit the brakes…the front brakes. He did a full front flip in front of all her neighbors. Of course, Marci & I laughed histarically while we tried to make sure he was ok!

    Love ya!

    • Actually you, your brothers and sister are amazing kids and I remember hauling you to the drive in many a time in the back of your dad’s orange pickup, good times!
      I am a good Grandma because I know what a blessing it is to have them. I see all you kids and your Dad in them.
      Yeah for our graduate and oldest grandchild. Get ready world Robert is takin’ over!!!!!

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