The Feel of “almost” Summer

Copper and Abalone Drop 18.00SisyLaLa is still a California kid at heart and when the sun is out and the weather warm I can feel summer coming on.  So, with glorious weather this past weekend I basked in warm sunshine and cranked up the tunes to an almost pulsating pitch.  It was Saturday, I was in a state of complete abandon and hardly cared that I have a severe rythmatic challenge.  It’s been said and I’m afraid it’s true that I can barely clap to a beat let alone dance to it.   But I had great music, lots of sunshine and a little wine so there was no holding me back.  In my mind I was a “solid gold” dancer and shakin every bit of what the good Lord gave me.  

With that little glimpse of silly I want to remind you to go ahead and laugh out.   It’s not only good to be silly on occasion but encouraged.  Go go for it, enjoy your week and feel free to share your own moments of silly (but keep it clean).  Also remember,  take a moment or two and check out the goods at the SisyLaLa Etsy site




4 thoughts on “The Feel of “almost” Summer

  1. I have some interested in buying some of your beautiful pieces. It is my suggestion that you get more pictures taken and post them on your site. I know for a fact you have been busy creating all kinds of beautiful jewelry. Let the world see more!

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