Okay, just hang on a minute.  I can’t just go and announce the winner right out of the gate.  Lets build up the anticipation for just a sentence or two more. 

Remember, I was asking for your thoughts on what you thought my favorite posey would be.  In addition, I wanted to know your choice of  bloom  too.  Thank you all for the guesses and comments.  Your favorites included the tulip, rose, iris, lily, daffodil, snapdragon and stock.  Your thoughts as to my favorite included the iris, lily, sunflower, daisy, orchid and rose.  I have to say I enjoy them all. 

They say the sense of smell can evoke many an emotion.  For me the sweet fragrance of lilac brings on a flood of joy, peace and memories of a time gone by, yet here again.  My favorite is the lilac, whether it is pink, purple or white "A Little Something Different" 30.00 not.  With its several mini flowers encompassed in one, it is a thing of beauty.

So while there was no correct guess as to my favorite there was another lilac admirer.  Suzy I hope you enjoy your bracelet of choice and again I appreciate everyone’s participation.




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