Sunshine Saturday in “LaLa” Land

"Garden Delight" Coral Wrap Bracelet  20.00Oh my gosh, it’s been a wonderfully warm spring day here in “LaLa” land. Watching the kid’s out playing and the grass growing makes me think summer is just a ray of sunshine away. With summer fun comes barbeque, family picnics and baseball galore. It also means it’s time for graduation, weddings, birthdays and more!!!! Here at SisyLaLa we loovvveee all the celebration and don’t want to miss out on a darn thing. We want to encourage all of you stop, take a moment and enjoy all the splendor each spring day has to offer. Because in a very short while it’s gonna be SUMMER PARTY, HEARTY season and that ain’t for no sissy’s (except for SisyLaLa) that is. With summer and gift giving in mind please remember if there is a special someone your wanting to gift and have so precious little time, SisyLaLa will be more than happy to wrap up a a goodie or two and ship directly to her. This is at no additional cost and we appreciate your including us in the celebration.




2 thoughts on “Sunshine Saturday in “LaLa” Land

  1. I wish I could take one of everything, but I will have to settle for an item at a time. Just received a pair of abalone earrings in the mail with personal packaging and everything. I should give them as a gift but I have got to keep them for me. After all it is Mother’s Day on the 9th. thanks sisylalasxo

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